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Why is it Important to Develop AI Bots for eCommerce Marketing?

AI bot is the next big thing in the world of eCommerce. In this article, we have discussed how AI bots can add value to eCommerce marketing by generating information banks and giving a leg-up to the follow-up processes.

Online stores are rising in popularity and this year it is expected to be availed by around 1.92 billion users (Statista Report). According to the same report, by 2021, 2 billion buyers will purchase from online stores.

No wonder, companies are pulling out all the stops to improve targetting, increase productivity, improve customer service, cut down on cost overheads and increase sales.

AI bots can give the much-needed leg-up to eCommerce marketing efforts. Some of the survey reports are quite encouraging. Let’s take a look at the survey report published by BrightEdge in the year 2018:

Survey respondents included 500 digital marketers, worldwide. According to them, AI bots helped them

  • increase ROI by 8.1%
  • enhance the content performance by 14.7%
  • raise productivity and save time by 27.4%
  • understand customers in a better way by 31.4%

According to reports, many companies have reached for AI bot development services to especially boost their eCommerce marketing efforts. We’ve discussed below how to maximise the use of AI bots for eCommerce marketing.

  1. AI bots have reduced cart abandonment

Top reasons for cart abandonment include payment of extra charges like delivery costs, fees and taxes. A lot of times, people also abandon carts where the creation of an account is mandatory (Baymard report). However, it has been reported that the open rate of cart abandonment emails is 40% and above. Hence, it’ll be quite helpful to maximise follow-up processes and convert leads who had abandoned carts for some reason. AI email bots can be highly useful to send follow-up emails to leads.

It is evident that people who had abandoned carts were initially interested in buying products/ services. AI email bots can send customised follow-up emails to convert this group of highly-potential leads to customers.

Along with AI email bots, AI chatbots can help marketers learn about purchase behaviour of buyers. Accordingly, marketers can select suitable content to be distributed to the target audience.                      

  1. AI bots have enhanced the use of voice search

A study conducted by comScore has predicted that by 2020, 50% of searches will be conducted through voice. No wonder that we see a rise in the use of voice search devices like Alexa, Echo, Google Home and Siri in eCommerce. Many companies are installing devices like Alexa to their online stores/ apps so that customers can use them to purchase products/ services.

AI voice bots can enhance the user experience by simplifying the search process. Users don’t need to type anything. Just verbal communication is enough.

Voice bots can build resource pools for machine learning. It’s a great help to understand customers, target them properly, and raise the rate of conversion.                        

  1. AI bots have simplified the process of targetting specific customers

AI bots can gather pertinent information on buyers’ purchase behaviour and preferences on the basis of previous sales. Accordingly, ad strategists can create the blueprint of customised advertisements to attract target customers and reach out to a bigger audience. AI bots and marketing automation tools like Mailchimp take care of periodic repetitive tasks so that businesses can engage human resources to more meaningful tasks.

Gone are the days when we would associate AI with robots and draw analogies with some sci-fi movie. Today, we can’t think of holding discussions on marketing without referring to AI. There is no sign of eCommerce losing its sheen in the next 5 years. AI bots will go on playing crucial roles in eCommerce marketing.

AI bots can be used to perform monotonous and repetitive tasks. AI bots can save on money and human resource. Keep on reading the article to know all about AI bots and their use in eCommerce marketing.

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