A Comprehensive Guide on Invisalign in La Crête

In case you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, you might want to look for an orthodontist that specializes in Invisalign near you.

In case you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, you might want to look for an orthodontist that specializes in Invisalign near you. With invisible aligners, you will be able to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth more conveniently.

What is Invisalign in La Crête, AB?

Invisalign is a type of teeth-straightening solution that utilizes removable and transparent aligners instead of conventional brackets and wires. These aligners are virtually invisible, which makes it an excellent choice for people who may be conscious of their image.

How Do I Begin?

During your initial consultation and check-up, the dentist will first determine if you are a perfect candidate for this treatment. The dentist will ask you to wear custom-fit plastic aligners that are free from BPA for about 22 hours per day. Two weeks after, these will then be swapped for a new aligner set that is designed to shift the teeth into their proper positions gradually. Usually, Invisalign aligners in La Crête are enough; however, there are certain cases when raised buttons will be attached that will give them enhanced traction. This will make the Invisalign a bit noticeable but definitely not to the same degree as braces.

Day to Day Use of Invisalign

Just as we mentioned above, Invisalign in La Crête, AB should be worn around 22 hours a day. Therefore, you will be able to remove your aligners when you are eating and brushing your teeth. This makes them a more convenient option for patients. It is also recommended to remove them when you are consuming hot drinks or dark-coloured beverages such as grape juice since the heat can affect the form and shape of the plastic aligners and the dark pigment can stain them. As opposed to traditional style braces, Invisalign will cover your entire teeth. It is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment and make sure that there is no food trapped in your aligners to prevent oral issues.

Apart from the proper care of your aligners and the fact that you are personally accountable for wearing them as recommended by your dentist, you will also have to return to your dental office every 4 or 6 weeks. This will help your Invisalign provider monitor your progress during treatment.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Ready to learn about some of the wonderful benefits of Invisalign? Keep on reading.

1. Natural Looking Design

Many patients want straighter teeth without having to deal with bulky metal braces and wires. The clear natural looking design of Invisalign is one of its most attractive benefits. This is especially the case for working professionals who rely on their smile.

2. Comfort

Invisalign is made from smooth plastic meaning you do not have to deal with stiff metal wires or brackets, ever. This teeth-straightening system will not be accompanied by any cutting, poking, or scratching. Also, you will not have to endure the pain the occurs after your dentist in La Crête tightens your wire.

3. Improved Overall Health

When we think of orthodontic treatment, the first thought that comes to mind is aesthetics. However, Invisalign braces have more than one purpose, one of these being; they correctly position your teeth to alleviate problems caused by an improper bite, increase tooth wear, speech or chewing issues and jaw problems like TMJ. Also, having properly aligned teeth will improve your oral hygiene routine as you will be able to brush and floss more easily.

Are you looking for Invisalign near you? Feel free to schedule your appointment at your Twilight dental clinic in La Crête today. During your Invisalign consultation, your dentist can establish a customized treatment plan that will address all your smile needs. 

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