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Astroindusoot-कुम्भ राशि 2020 राशिफल | Kumbh Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Aquarius Horoscope | राशिफल 2020

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Lord of the zodiac Shani is sitting in the place of profit in this year magazine (Kumbh Rashifal 2020), which is indicating to be a favorable year for your health. Venus, the lord of fortune, sits in the 12th position from your zodiac sign and it has been seen that with Venus in the 12th position, any work related to your wealth, irrespective of money, can help you in completing your work from somewhere. Will do. The lord of Karmakshetra is sitting in the magazine this year of swarashi, who are making a great interest for your sign. You will get the benefit of this in the form of increasing auspiciousness in the field of work, promotion, new job as well as making yoga for new business. The factor for increasing respect and respect is the planet Mercury, which is also the owner of child's house for you and also for education and these are making Buddha-yoga with Sun in place of profit. The benefit of which you will get immensely. It is very beneficial for you to have Panchagrahi Yoga at the place of benefit, because this yoga is working like full Raja Yoga for you.

 In the initial month of the year itself, Saturn will fall in 12th position from your zodiac on January 24. Due to which Saturn will start on you and Saturn will sit in 12th position from your sign this year. Which are indicative of an increase in your money expenses. Physical distress can also increase, take care of health, weakness may be felt. Can be troubled by headache, throat pain etc.

 According to Kumbh Rashifal 2020, on March 30, Guru will come in 12th position from your zodiac sign. Which may give you an opportunity to get away from your birthplace. However, Jupiter will be successful for you here in many ways. But the Guru is in the 12th position from your zodiac, which sometimes causes them to suffer losses due to wrong decisions and excessive trust. At this time try to avoid a little from investing in anything anywhere. With this, the fifth vision of Guru is falling on your place of happiness. If you want to sell a property, then you can make a very good profit in it.

 Saturn will curve in the horoscope on 11 May. After which your troubles may increase further. Although Shani is transcendental, Saturn itself will also suggest a way out of troubles. In such a situation, it would be good for you to worship Shani, worshiping Hanuman ji can also prove beneficial. Along with this, you can wear a ring made of black horseshoe in your middle finger.

 On May 14, the guru will be retrograde, as the curve of the guru will increase your profit position. At this time, you can get good benefits in both situations, away from birthplace and birthplace. The previous plans that were made will also get an opportunity to fulfill them.

 On June 30, the Guru will return to Sagittarius. By which your paused tasks will start to form. The sum of increase in wealth will also be made. You can also benefit from ancestral property. However, Jupiter Ketu is also being formed at this time, which is indicating a property dispute. You can also consult well-known astrologers from across the country.

 After the Guru's passage on September 13, the Guru will again help you in making further plans and you will also get the opportunity to take short trips.

 According to Aquarius year horoscope 2020, the transition of Rahu is going to change from your zodiac to the fourth position on 23 September which has been considered as the place of mother and your house, vehicle, happiness. Rahu's going to a higher zodiac sign in this house is expanding the house. If the reconstruction work is pending then it can be completed at this time. The sum of the receipt of a new vehicle will also be made.

 Changes in the field can also be made. Along with this, Ketu is also sitting in the place of Karma from the benefic place, which is the Scorpio sign of Mars. You will also get the result like Mars. In case of work, progress will be made, if any interview or results are pending for a long time, then you can get positive results. Even physically you will feel a new energy in yourself.

 On September 29, Saturn will be moving, after which problems will appear to decrease. With this, you will be able to control your expenses and your enemies will also be weak at this time.

On 20 November in Kumbh Kundali 2020, Guru will again come in Capricorn. After this, the enemies will win. A new home can be found. Be good friends You will also get education related benefits.


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