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Astroindusoot-धनु राशि 2020 राशिफल | Dhanu Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Saggitarius Horoscope 2020 | राशिफल 2020

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The year 2020 is expected to be very auspicious for the people of Sagittarius, because at the beginning of the year, the zodiac lord Jupiter will be seated in the swarashi. Being in the master's self will make Hans Mahayoga for you. Having this yoga in the horoscope of Dhanu Rashifal 2020 will infuse a new energy in you. It is said that due to the presence of Jupiter in the lagna or zodiac sign, whatever demerits are inside you are not able to come in front of anyone. This does not mean that you hide your demerits. You can eliminate your demerits by taking advantage of this opportunity.
Venus is seated in the place of wealth, due to which your financial position will be in good shape this year because Venus is the owner of the benefic place and sits in the place of wealth. Luck is also going to cooperate a lot in this year 2020 because Sun, the lord of fortune, sits in your own zodiac sign. Lord Ketu, the lord of karmabhava and the lord of married life, sits in the center of the Sun with Saturn, and with this effect new schemes will be born in the field. Especially for those who are working in the field related to education, they will do a pleasant job on gold. Yoga for getting education abroad is also being made for the aspirants seeking education abroad. Because the fifth planet Mars, which is the lord of education, sits in the 12th position, which motivates the native to go abroad.

 Rahu in seventh place can cause bitterness for your married life. Therefore, you need to maintain a relationship of love and trust with your spouse. Rahu can become the reason for separation in the relationship for the lovers who have a new relationship. In such a situation, you have to maintain trust in your partner and give him proper time.

 At the beginning of the year, Shanidev will enter Capricorn on January 24, which will remain in another place from your zodiac sign. The second place is considered to be the factor of wealth and Kuntumb family. Therefore, you are expected to remain strong for your financial condition (Dhanu Finance Rashifal 2020) and to maintain an atmosphere of love and peace in the family. You can get good support from a big person of family.

 Guru will enter Capricorn on March 30 with Saturn, who are creating a disordered Raja Yoga in the house of money from your zodiac sign. Guru is also the lord of your zodiac, whose wealth will make your personality good and will improve your personality. Will enhance your reputation. Your honor and status will increase in Dhanu Family Rashifal 2020. One can expect the disease to reduce with the fifth sight of enemies and disease falling at home. With the ninth vision on the field of work, you will see auspicious results.

 Saturn curves in on May 11. Loss of money can cause a situation of money loss and discord in family. Do not do any transaction at this time because if you are not able to give the money taken from the influence of the planet Vakra, then you may have trouble getting the money given back.

 On May 14, the Guru will be retrograde in Capricorn, after which you may see mixed effects in the financial situation. But you will get more mental satisfaction and success will start in every task from all around.

 On 30th June, the Guru will enter Sagittarius in the retrograde state, so that you can take time to complete some of the unfinished tasks from the previous time. You can also consult well-known astrologers from across the country.

 On September 13, Guru will be Margie after which you may be busy in making future plans. According to Dhanu Health Rashifal 2020, Rahu will also move from your zodiac position on September 23 to the sixth position and Ketu, who was in your own position, will also come in 12th position. Rahu's Taurus sign and coming into the place of disease can become a source of disease and enmity for you. The sixth place is also of competition, so competition will be very challenging for you here too. Ketu coming from the lagna to the expenditure space can be an increase in expenditure. This time can also be a loan for you. Stay away from wasteful expenditure. Spend only if necessary.

 Saturn will be Margie on 29 September. Conditions will start changing for you once you are Margie. Suddenly there can be possibilities of money gain. You can also get stagnant money at this time.

 On November 20, Guru will again come in Capricorn, after which you can work hard to make your dreams come true. You can get the required support from the in-laws too at this time.


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