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Astroindusoot- सिंह राशि 2020 राशिफल | Singh Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Leo horoscope 2020 | राशिफल 2020

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According to Leo Horoscope 2020, this year can be an honor for you, increasing your position and prestige. The Lord of your zodiac sign sits in the fifth place in the Sun year horoscope along with Mercury, Guru, Saturn and Ketu. With the addition of Sun and Mercury, Budhaditya Yoga is being created which can give you fame this year. This year can be expected to be especially beneficial for you in terms of career. With the Moon in the seventh house, your life partner can also get full support this year. Marriage totals can also be made for unmarried natives. Sums of sweetness in love relationships are also being made for you. The lord of fortune is seated in the fourth place through Mars swarashi, which this year, the sum of the purchase of new house, new vehicle or any big property is making for you. Mother happiness can also increase for you this year.

 Venus, the lord of karmabhav, can definitely bother you a bit because it is increasing the competitions from your zodiac to sixth place, but by working with the zodiac sign, you can gain in these competitions by working hard. Rahu is in the eleventh place as if the sum of foreign visits was made in the previous year, similarly small visits will continue this year. It can increase ideological differences with your father and senior officials if the Sun is with Saturn and Ketu. Those who are planning to start their new business and are dependent on their family, especially the father, may have to struggle a little to convince their father. Employed people will also need to keep good with their seniors. If possible, do not leave any of your work pending.

Jupiter, the progenitor planet, will be consigned to the beginning of the year, so that you can get happiness from child happiness or child aspect. For those who are students and wishing to get higher education, chances of getting admission in desired course are also being made. Natives wishing to study abroad can also get success.

 On January 24, Saturn will change, which will come in the sixth position from your zodiac sign. The number of your enemies may increase with the arrival of Saturn in Swarashi. Diseases may increase. It is said that Shani increases the place where he sits. But due to the presence of Saturn due to swarashi, enemies will not harm you. Only mental stress can remain.

 Jupiter will also enter Capricorn on 30 March. Which will be in the sixth position from your zodiac sign. This will make you successful in competition. Enemies will also crave you. Honor will increase. You can get fame not only at national level but also at international level. Due to the combination of Jupiter and Saturn, there is also a disintegrating Raja Yoga. With small successes, you will also move towards big success. Do not let any opportunity you get at this time know by hand.

When Saturn is retrograde on May 11, the problems caused by enemies may be more. But due to the influence of retrograde Saturn, at this time you can answer them with a stone. Do not get too much into mental complications. It can have some effect on your married life partner. Life partner's chances of suffering physical pain are increasing. If you do any work, try to do it with patience. After Saturn's path, all such problems will continue to diminish.

 On May 14, the Guru will be retrograde in Capricorn, after which the auspicious effect that the Guru is putting on you will increase further. Because the auspiciousness of the auspicious planets increases with the curve.

 On June 30, the Guru will again go to Sagittarius in retrograde state. At this time, you will increase your ability to plan and start dreaming for the future again.

 On September 13, the guru will be in the zodiac sign, after which you will start giving shape to your plans.

 Rahu is also changing the zodiac this year. On September 23, Rahu is being transformed into Taurus, which will be in karmabhav with your zodiac sign. Being in action will develop the ability to work. Expectations of seniors may increase. But the Rahu of high will help you to achieve this success, although you will have to take your seniors and support personnel along for success. Avoid egoism as much as possible.

 At the same time Ketu will also enter the place of mother, which can create a negativity in your mother's health or nature.

 From September 29, Saturn will again return to its original state, which will gradually reduce work, health, mental stress.

 On November 20, the Guru will enter Sagittarius from Capricorn, after which the chances of success will be made for you.

Overall, the annual horoscope 2020 indicates very good times for the Leo zodiac.

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