Samsung LED TV Online Cost And Reviews In Bangladesh

Samsung tv price in Bangladesh

Samsung LED TV Online Cost And Reviews In Bangladesh

TV is one of the best indoor amusement systems. Bring the entire world not only in your home but also in the rectangular display. Because of smartphones and i-phone take a considerable portion of the Entertainment. Plowshares at no time each family wishes to spend quality time by enjoying any reality-show, reside program, or sports. So, Smart TV price in Bangladesh becomes a relative of each household.

Human test about lifestyle gets changes daily, raising luxury. The features of television also change to measure up with the demand. From the TV store, 1st choice is LED TV. Samsung brought to you bright and light features comprised of LED TV. Samsung tv price in Bangladesh can become your relative in this T-20 season to enjoy a game.

Display- Display of Samsung LED Television is 55" width in 16:9 ratios. Its opinion angle is-H-178° (CR>10). You can watch the full display from any portion of your area. Its brightness is 280 cd/m2, and the contrast ratio is 1200:1. Picture quality, light, and gap of color increase the joy of casting feel and program you live view.

Input and Output port-In smart TV, you want facility for data transfer is included in this model. It has 12 interfaces to provide you with connecting service to enjoy audio and video from different apparatus and system. You're able to use HDMI, USB, PC audio IN, headphone, PC IN, RF IN port to connect a pen drive, PC, music system, DVD, camera, or a different device to record or live movie view.

TV system-Video feature of this product is smart and coeval. Color and brightness are equally vibrant. To have PAL/NTSC/SECAM, it could obtain any satellite station. On the other hand, it can get around 200 situations. The audio system of the TV is BG/D/K/1.

USB play with -By using a USB interface, you can observe AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV form video. I can appreciate AAC, MP4, MP3, WAV- sound. In a simple note, this version is a complete package of indoor amusement.

Audio Quality- it has sound power is 2x8 w. The Speaker of this model includes base or ground. The audio effect of this Speaker is surround and stereo. You can hear clear and loud noises from any place in the area.

Anchor and Area-You can set this TV upon the wall. Withstand its area is - (L*W*H) - 1240mm*260mm*770mm. Weight of this product without stand is-14.92 kg. Withstand is-15.4 kg.

Accessory-Necessary tools to busy TV that Means power cable, remote with battery, TV stand, wall mount bracket, etc. will get into a packet. Therefore, it is simple to install it in-wall or anywhere you want. The business will serve you a guide publication, from setup to operating this version everything in detail described here.

Electric Attributes -To busy this version by power supply demands 110 -240 volt/60 Hz. Your current consumption depends on the running time of the TV. The height power consumption of the model is 115 watt. This amount is entirely wrong than another residence appliance. So, there is no chance of a much electrical bill for conducting TV.

Cost and LED Television is just one of the smart and attractive televisions of the Samsung brand. You'll find this model in any of your nearby show-room of Samsung. Its value is 59900.00 Taka. The arrangement of attributes of the model is according to requirement and Appetite of the current time. LED TV price in Bangladesh can is a medium of green Entertainment for the family.

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