How to Backup Mozilla Thunderbird Mail to Office 365?

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How to Backup Mozilla Thunderbird Mail to Office 365?

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  • 10-Jul-2020
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I used to save my data in Mozilla Thunderbird which is a desktop based email client. Recently I came to know that Microsoft is offering cloud services on monthly subscription basis. I found the opportunity beneficial and decided to switch to Office 365. However taking decision is much easier than implementing Thunderbird to Office 365 conversion. Both the email clients are completely different in working and interface. I tried many manual solution which I found on various websites but none of them provides me satisfactory solution. After facing lots of difficulties, one of my colleague suggest me a third party software and it changes my whole perception regarding data conversion. Now I decided to share my experience with this amazing software so that no one will ever suffer like me while converting Thunderbird data to Office 365. Before introducing the software to solve your query "how to backup Mozilla Thunderbird mail to Office 365", I would like to share some advantages of using cloud based application.

Benefits of Using Office 365

Using a desktop based client is quite old fashion. Nowadays everyone wants ease in their day to day life. Cloud based application provides exactly what users desire. Let’s see some benefits of using Office 365:

Accessibility: One of the major attributes of using Cloud based application is that you can access the data anytime or from anywhere. You just need login details of Office 365 and a good internet connectivity to access your account.

Subscription Based Payment: Not everyone need same plans therefore Microsoft Office 365 comes with different subscription plans. One can choose any plan according to their requirement.

Easy Collaboration: In Office 365, collaboration of data is very easy. Rather than creating multiple copies, users can make changes in one file. In a company, everyone who want to edit or contribute can work on a same version.

Enhanced Security: Security is a major concern for modern day users. Your data is always prone to various cyber-attacks and leakages. In case of Office 365, users don’t need to worry about security of database. Microsoft Office 365 comes with advance security features and it take complete responsibility to keep your data safe.

Why Manual Methods are not Satisfactory?

Earlier, I told you that manual method is not satisfactory for me. In this section, I will tell the problems I faced while using manual method to backup Mozilla Thunderbird mail to Office 365

  • The manual method does not provide you complete data backup solution. They are only useful if you have only minimal amount of data.
  • Manual method are generally lengthy and hence consumes lots of precious time.
  • When I tried manual method and check my mails after conversion, the formatting of data is completely changed.

The bulleted points shows some issues I faced during exporting Thunderbird files into Office 365. Different users face different problems but the origin and solution of problem always remain same. In the next section, I will tell you about the trouble-solver method that solve your problem in couple of minutes.

Best way to Switch Thunderbird Data in Office 365 Account

After days of research and testing, I tried CubexSoft Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter. I was amazed with its way of working. With the blink of eyes, all my selected Thunderbird data are transferred to Office 365. Straightway I login to my Office 365 account to check whether mails are backed up or not. All my Thunderbird data are successfully saved in my Office 365 account with all items like emails, attachments, contact, calendar, task, journal, etc. Next I will tell you some advance features of Thunderbird Converter which makes the software unique and superior. Take a Look on below mentioned bulleted point:

  • You can move complete Thunderbird profile including emails, contact, calendar, task, journal, etc. to Office 365 in single time processing.
  • The software provides you advance filtering option such as to, from, subject, date, etc. You can apply any or all of them to backup Mozilla Thunderbird mail to Office 365.
  • It is completely safe to use this software as it does not save any login details in its database. Every time you have to enter your login details whenever use this software.
  • The tool maintains all your data integrity throughout the conversion. You will not see single changes in Meta data and Meta formatting. Also the hierarchy of folders are exact same as it appears before backup process.
  • You can also try demo edition to know more about the software. You will get free trial in which you can backup first 20 Thunderbird items in Office 365.

Wrapping Up

I hope this blog is helpful for all those users who are searching for a solution of “how to backup Mozilla Thunderbird mail to Office 365”. I faced many problems while moving Thunderbird account data to Office 365. The blog is based on my whole experience and it surely helps you out.

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