Whirlpool High-Quality Refrigerator Cost And Reviews For Bangladesh

Fridge price in Bangladesh

Whirlpool High-Quality Refrigerator Cost And Reviews For Bangladesh

Whirlpool refrigerator is a new arrival edition of worldwide well-known home appliance businesses. Whirlpool refrigerator price in Bangladesh is useful for the mega kitchen, restaurant, commercial place, or joint family. With its massive capacity of refrigerator and frizzier, it fills the requirements of dual separately usable freezer and refrigerator.


Whirlpool refrigerator has a significant dimension. To maintain this fridge, need full space complete freezer capacity-195. The upper freezer capability is 42. The refrigerator capacity is 319. The decrease in freezer capacity is 132.


Mini fridge price in Bangladesh includes two a couple of freezer compartments. Upper freezer and lower freezer. Has a vegetable area with 105 abilities, only for fruit and vegetable. In several parts of the ice making room, the knowledge is 21. The entire capacity of the product is 619 liters. In cubic feet, its size is 28 cft. This product is made of Red color.

Features description

Door material

Red glossy Glass door and appealing graphical design product of the fridge.

Plasma cluster

Plasma Cluster technology generates the same negative and positive ions found in nature to purity air within the fridge.


This the frost-free cooling system absorbs moisture from the atmosphere when the fridge door is open then circulates the accumulated moisture throughout the inside.

Automatic Ice-making System

The Icemaker the system automatically forms ice cubes following the water tank has been filled.

Auto-cleaning Function

Experience clean functioning and fuss-free upkeep with the Auto cleaning function, which automatically washes the ice trays and water supply tubing.

LED Touch-Control Panel

The touch Control panel signifies conditions inside the fridge and lights up if a fridge door is opened. Power- Saving Mode, Plasma cluster operation, and Automatic Icemaker selections can be controlled from the panel.

3-way Tempered glass shelf

The 3-way the shelf can be folded and compressed to accommodate large items.

Power-Saving Mode using artificial intelligence, this mode assesses usage patterns to reduce waste.


You can express freezing mode as you want this function both ice freezing and making capabilities. When activated, the freezer section will run at the coldest temperature to improve ice production.


To maintain hot Food right, this function is useful. Usually, after cooking, we wait to choose the food for space temperature. Then we keep it to the fridge. For this function, you can store cooking food with high than room temperature right in the refrigerator. Without a hamper of food and test value. This fridge is an Ideal fridge.

Nano low-temperature Allergic catalyst

Whirlpool refrigerator In-built Nano deodorizer includes Nano-sized molecules designed to snare the bigger odor molecules to eliminate unpleasant smell in addition to keep the integrity of food aromas.

LED lighting

It was tastefully illuminated with highly sophisticated LED lighting, which truly defines both interior and exterior of the refrigerator.

Power Origin

The deep fridge price in Bangladesh will be busy at 220 volt 50 Hz. This product is highly working with less energy, so that, end of this month, you will not hazard with the new current invoice. It can save food as its ability for quite a long time. For smart technologies, it can keep food fresh with actual tests and aroma.

WHIRLPOOL is one of those renowned home appliance brands. Their merchandise service is better than another famous brand on the market. The item price is also quite significant. You, Will, find a WHIRLPOOL product in almost any Transcom Digital electronics home appliance Showroom in your nearest.


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