Best Samsung Non-Frost Refrigerator Price And Reviews In Bangladesh

Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh

Best Samsung Non-Frost Refrigerator Price And Reviews In Bangladesh

Samsung Non-Frost Refrigerator when all household members are occupied with jobs, college, college or upkeep, etc., and then food cooking or serving at the right time is an enormous challenge for a mommy. The refrigerator is just one solution to this problem. Samsung brand providing you with this type of solution for active homemakers! Samsung Non-Frost Refrigerator is just coming new toaster merchandise. Its running dark ash color will earn a new dosage of your property. Bright outlook and a tasteful door give a contemporary appearance. Its rear side is bright with a built-in condenser.

Available Characteristics of the product are given under

Cooling Attributes: It is a non-frost type. Weather kind product to keep your food safe with actual aroma and test in our hot and humid weather condition. Moreover, the combination of R600a refrigerant, 100% aluminum condenser and dynamic circulation will be sure of smooth airflow in both the cavity. Also, have power cooler. Use it storage a large quantity of food in the fridge. Then your new food will be safe. Within this item use green technologies which ensure maximum renewable energy conservation and renewable performance. It is safe from harmful CFC and HCFC gas. The longer-lasting cooling system consistently makes your food fresh and vigorous. Prevent frowzy feel of meals.

Refrigerator Compartment: If Refrigerator compartment is big than much food can save. Which family members are corporate they always want specious fridge compartment. In this product 4 glass shelf, seven bottle GPPS jar pockets, one chiller space, one vegetable crisper and three egg trays obtainable in the fridge compartment. So, you can reestablish good enough quantity of food in many chambers. It ensures to keep regular food safe without disturbing real test and aroma of the food, in addition to LED light to get a clear view inside of the cavity. That means you would easily store regular food.

Freezer Compartment: A heating function of this item is -18 degree to +5 degrees. Have GPPS materials 1 3 and a shelf bottle pocket. 2 Ice trays as well as an Icebox.

Inver Technology: Using the latest smart Inverter technology. This technology makes efficient your condenser with less energy.

Electric Attributes: it is easy to conduct Refrigerator price in Bangladesh with a regular power supply of 220v to 240v, and because of having intelligent inverter technologies, your power bill will be remaining within the limitation. 100% copper condenser. Its voltage stabilizer capacity is 1000 VA or longer.

Others Feature: the title is just one of those smart types of fridge product as you need in your financial plan. Ion-bacterial technology keeps your fridge germ-free. Keep your meals healthy and fresh. Selves are created by reinforcing the glass. Transparent chilled space makes your meals cooler and visible from outdoors. Door panel and door are in lining positions. This gives a smart look. Its temperature controlling system is mechanical. Mini fridge price in Bangladesh has RoHS licensed thermostat, which makes less noise. This product Net moist is 94.25 kg. You will need a massive corner or space to install it.

Price and Availability

Samsung is a Famous brand, and they have a lot of showrooms throughout the nation. So you could quickly get this product at your nearest appliances showrooms of Samsung within affordable price. Price of Samsung Non-Frost Refrigerator is TK 52200.

Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh will avenge your money by taking care of your food and Health equally supplying the excellent service of the fridge.

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