7 Safety Tips to Prevent Bathroom Accidents

7 Safety Tips to Prevent Bathroom Accidents

7 Safety Tips to Prevent Bathroom Accidents

Our bathrooms are one of the most practical places in our houses, and they are dangerous as well, especially for our beloved elders and children. The surface on our bathroom floors become slippery over time, and hence become dangerous because it can lead to accidents as well.

Install skid-proof tiles on the floor

Installing skid-proof tiles reduces a great percentage of accidental changes in your bathroom. They offer good grip to hold your feet properly, leading to less slippery conditions and safety for your family members.

Get good lighting

The elders’ eye-sight become weak over time and they need good lighting conditions to perform their daily general activities. Your bathroom should be equipped with appropriate lighting conditions to eliminate all the dark corners to make activities easy in your bathroom for your beloved elders.

Install handlebars in required places

The slip & fall accidents can be prevented with the help of providing handle-bars ensuring extra safety to your bathroom. So, install handle-bars accordingly to provide a better safety side to your bath places.

Choose a walk-in tub

Installing a walk-in tub makes us comfortable while going-in and coming out of the tub. It surely helps us to prevent accidental situations for our elders and kids.

Keep electrical appliances away from the water

You must keep all the electrical appliances away from the water dispensers like water taps, tubsand geysers to prevent electrical accidental conditions.

Install a handheld shower

The hand shower leads to manoeuvre it in whatever direction you want. Also, it can be used while sitting on a bath seat comfortably.

Install high-quality hand shower from the house of Waterman for smoother bathroom activities. You can opt from the various bathroom shower designs available at Waterman online.

Keep everything at the right place

Keep all the accessories like towel racks, mirrors, cabinets, grab barsand toilet paper holders installed at the right place as per your convenience and safety. Keep the cabinets installed out of the reach of your children.

The shower sets for the bathroom should be installed in the right places for easy access and manoeuvrability. Use the best rain head shower system for the perfect water spray on your body.

Bathrooms are the ultimate place to relieve your stress. They should not only equip with all the facilities but also offer a pleasing appearance. You can make your bathroom look awesome even when you do not want to spend much.

All you need to keep everything in the right place in your bathroom to make it look good and practical.

Note these five great tips to improve the appearance of your bathroom:

Utilise the space smartly – If you haven’t allocated the space for your bathroom while making your house, you must allocate the right space to design a good bathroom. If you have limited space for your bathroom, you should use it smartly to install all necessary things like tubs and jaccuzis.

Material & Utilities – Always use natural-looking material rather than using high contrast and multi-coloured material in your bathroom, if you are not looking to provide a theme look to your bathroom. A blue or light green tone in the colour of floor and wall tiles surely enhances the look of your bathroom. Washbasins and toilet sheet should be gapped a little for avoiding accidents and to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Lightning – There should be proper lighting in your bathroom. Instead of one bulb, you should use at least 2 or 4 bulbs of low power in all the corner of your bathroom. Also, you can install a fancy light right above the mirror and basin.

Mirror Allocation – Try to use a simple and large mirror or a combination of mirrors in your bathroom to make the look of your bathroom spacious. Using multiple mirrors elevates the look of your bathroom.

Detailing – Installing Jacuzzis and shower enclosure have come into fashion these days. Bathrooms with enough space should not skip installing a shower enclosure and Jacuzzi to upgrade the look of your bathroom.
One of the leading bathroom accessories brands, Waterman has varieties of bathroom fittings to make your bathroom look beautiful. It offers the reliability of years and designs of the future.

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