How Buying YouTube Subscribers and Views Can Make You Happy?

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How Buying YouTube Subscribers and Views Can Make You Happy?

YouTube receives over three hundred hours of videos on a daily basis. Imagine that you are a new and hardworking content creator.

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You are producing high-quality videos, posting regularly, creating great thumbnails and also promoting your videos on social media. Still, you are not getting the number of views or subscribers that you deserve.

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In this scenario, if you can correctly buy YouTube subscribers and views, should you? Will that make you happy?

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A prerequisite to the answer of this question is whether success is something that will make you happy. For most people, this is true to a large extent.

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If a YouTube video has more views, it is often pushed by the algorithm to appear in more search results and people’s recommendations. This in turn leads to more views, which often snowball to make it a viral video.

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In most cases, people are more likely to overlook videos with fewer views to favour those with more views. Thus, buying initial viewers will lead to more actual viewers watching your video.

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The same goes for YouTube channels. Viewers can often feel that if a channel has fewer subscribers, it is not worth watching. However, if a channel already has a significant number of subscribers, then it increases people’s curiosity.

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This is called the Bandwagon Effect, where people get interested in something because they feel that other people around them are also interested in it.

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Buying the initial subscribers can encourage the Bandwagon Effect to take place, thus leading to the growth of the channel. It will also lead to the growth of an organic community of people who will regularly watch your videos.

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However, correctly buying these absolutely key. It is necessary that you buy legitimate views, otherwise only the number of views will increase. Suppose the number of views on your videos is 100,000, but the number of likes is 20, then it raises suspicion.

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It is also a red flag for Google which automatically interprets your video as bad. This will lead to empty views, which exist only in numbers, and will lead to the stagnation of your channel.

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Better ways to buy legitimate views is through Google, using in-stream and/or in-display ads. These can drive ROI, lead to better engagement, and generally grow your channel.

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Identifying the audience demography and experimenting with different ads will lead to better results. You can also promote your videos using money on Facebook and other social media.

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So, will buying YouTube subscribers and views make you happy? The simple answer is yes. We feel happy when our work is appreciated and we get the fruits of our labour.

However, it must be kept in mind that these marketing tactics take time and patience before they yield results. Apart from that, the creator also must be cautious of using underhanded or illegal ways to boost views, since YouTube, Google and other big tech companies do not respond kindly to those.

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