Top B2B Marketplaces in UAE

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Top B2B Marketplaces in UAE

Top B2B Marketplaces in UAE


Due to the infrastructure resources it has, the Middle East is an emerging B2B marketplace. 

Because of oil, marketplaces in the Middle East are not limited to synthetics, plastics and chemicals, but you should expect a wide variety of goods in the markets. 

The countries in the Middle East include the UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Israel and neighbouring countries. You will see that these nations have a decent infrastructure and the capacity to make equal transactions in the B2B markets.

There are many online business marketplaces which have emerged lately and many of them are doing fabulous jobs when it comes to marketing their business. 

The Middle East is emerging as a space for the evolution of eCommerce, which has recently attracted a large number of entrepreneurs. The most critical issue that emerges in their minds intending to wing themselves and that is what the best eCommerce websites in the UAE are.

Find below some of the leading B2B Marketplaces online-

1. Gulf Business 

The only B2B marketplace we can claim is genuinely centred in the Middle East. 

There is a range of items listed on the website, exclusive to the Middle East, that you can order in any part of the world. The marketplace has a comprehensive interface and provides an excellent indexed product scan. 

On the homepage, urgent product specifications are seen. If you want serious Middle-East business, you should certainly try this website out.

You may create an account and use options such as businesses, products, requests for purchase, trading lists, deals for sale, and other business opportunities. It is thought to be one of the best B2B directories in both the UAE and the Middle East. It can be assumed that it uses the B2B eCommerce approach in the correct way for wholesale selling.

2. Tradeling 

Tradeling is a marketplace based in UAE. It connects with B2B sellers and buyers. Find the right products. Negotiate prices and close deals. All in one place. You can buy wholesale from leading global and regional sellers: offering you a rich choice of products in many categories, including:

Food and Beverages 

Health and Wellness 

Office Supplies 

The business is currently in its beta phase and focuses on online food & beverage and office supplies trading. Over the next few months, it plans to introduce categories like beauty products, electronics and accessories, clothing, industry materials and machinery. 

Tradeling plans to extend its presence to Saudi Arabia and other regional markets, it said in a statement, adding that venture capitalists, financial institutions and major investors have also gained strong interest.

3. The Desert

It is the Internet's first Middle-East B2B marketplace. The website has opened trading gates to the rest of the world in the Middle East. Products, firms, sellers and customers are loaded into the website. This website, being the oldest, has the huge benefit of prestige, faith, and credibility. It has a comprehensive layout, providing the homepage with maximum details. This is a favourite Middle East B2B marketplace, and will certainly go to yours too.

4. Dubai Traders 

The website is dedicated to the UAE, but it is considered a good marketplace for B2B in the Middle East. The goods listed here are of great quality, and because of the user-friendly layout of the website, you can easily go for business transactions. If your business transactions are planned, particularly in Dubai, then you should go to this website.

Besides, information about business fairs in the UAE may also be collected. Along with good business storeys, Dubai is the hub of great business start-ups. Not only that, you can search and get the desired information through the given location choice across the UAE. Along with other information about hotels, restaurants, schools, theatres, tours and travel, real estate and much more, it offers excellent B2B online software solutions.