What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Money Habits?

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Money Habits

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Money Habits?

To live a comfortable life, money is essential. But when money is not managed well, it can create major problems. Each of us will have our own ways of managing our finances. Interestingly, this personal relationship with money is often influenced by our Zodiac sign compatibility. If you have a Gemini friend, you may have noticed, for instance, that he/she is a spendthrift. On the other hand, your Cancer friend tends to be miserly. 

If you want to understand what kind of relationship you have with money, start reading.

Aries Sun Sign:

You are very impulsive when it comes to spending money. Though you are good at making money, it is gone before you know it. This means that financial crises will be a recurring phenomenon in your life. Think before you decide to buy something, maybe sleep on it for a day. This will give you the time to decide if you really need it.

Taurus Sun Sign:

This sign's planetary ruler is Venus, the goddess of wealth. You have a knack for making and keeping money. You work hard to provide for your loved ones and acquire material comforts. You are likely to spend on luxuries, as Venus is associated with the finer things of life. But you don’t go overboard with it. Your bank account will never run out of cash as you are a cautious spender. But you do enjoy a few treats now and then. God knows you have earned it. 

Gemini Sun Sign:

The dualism of Gemini is evident in their handling of money. You will spend money like water one day, and the very next day, you will swing to the other extreme, wracked by guilt. You are not very good at financial planning as your indecisiveness can prevent you from seizing opportunities to grow your money. Eventually, you may learn to make better decisions, as you won’t like the restrictions you have to impose on yourself due to the lack of money.

Cancer Sun Sign :

For Cancer, safety is paramount in all areas of life. This applies to money as well, which you tend to hoard for the proverbial rainy day, even if it entails living below your means. But it doesn’t bother you much, as money in the bank makes you feel good and is the best remedy for your insecurities. You think that having a good nest egg for the future beats having a good time in the present.

Leo Sun Sign:

Leos are no penny pinchers. Not only do you spend on yourself, you love spending on loved ones too, as you are a generous soul. You like to buy costly gifts for your friends, even though it may leave you broke. You may also spend on things that make you cut an impressive figure in society. You simply thrive on the adulation and admiration of others. So you may spend a fortune to become a member of a club where all the movers and shakers of society hang out. Or you may buy a high-end car, which even your boss may not have.

Virgo Sun Sign:

Practical Virgos are very prudent in financial matters. You will not be lured by the prospect of easy money and invest in risky ventures. Also, being a worrier, you will worry about not having money for some unforeseen emergency. Occasionally, you may indulge yourself a bit, but even this may make you suffer guilt pangs the next day.

Libra Sun Sign:

Unlike Taurus, which, too, is ruled by Venus, Libra is a high roller. You want to live the good life and will spend for it. Luxury goods, nice clothes, jewelry, fancy vacations…you will splurge on all these without losing your sleep over it. This is an area of your life where balance, that your sign is known for, will be missing. You may need a financial advisor to manage your money. 

Scorpio Sun Sign:

Scorpio is very good at handling money.. You make shrewd investors and may be able to make a killing in the stock market. Your need for financial security ensures that you won’t throw away money needlessly. Power and stability matter to you, and money brings both. You are the secretive type, so even if you have a nest egg, nobody will know where it is stashed away. Your intuition will help you to make the right investments.

Sagittarius Sun Sign:

Sagittarius is adventurous and loves to take risks, the bigger, the better. For you, money is a tool. With benevolent Jupiter as your ruling planet, you are lucky when it comes to making money. Unless you hire a wealth advisor to manage your money, you are likely to make and lose many fortunes. You are one sign that will bounce back after each financial crisis because you see it as part of the learning curve.

Capricorn Sun Sign:

Pragmatic and rational, Capricorn is cautious and conservative with money. You believe in savings, and since you have a knack for making good investments, your money keeps growing. Your sense of discipline prevents you from splurging on needless things. People often see you as miserly. Try to loosen up a little, for there is no harm in using some of the money you earn for your enjoyment. 

Aquarius Sun Sign:

This sign is known for its charitable heart. The idealistic humanitarian that you are, you tend to donate generously to your favorite causes and end up in financial trouble as you overextend yourself. The one thing you like to splurge on is the latest tech. There may be sudden reversals in your fortunes due to the influence of Uranus, your ruling planet. You are concerned about how your spending impacts the world. Your money may be spent on ethical things. Your intelligence makes you a savvy investor, as you can anticipate trends. You value relationships more than money.

Pisces Sun Sign:

Pisces natives tend to live in a dream world and find it hard to deal with the material world, leading to financial problems. Their relationship with money can best be described as whimsical. They are generous with their money and often are taken advantage of by others. So they should be careful when lending money. Though they are lucky in financial matters, they do not pursue wealth aggressively. They need someone trustworthy to advise them on investments and also protect their wealth.

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