What Reasons Make Your Magento Go Slow?

What Reasons Make Your Magento Go Slow?

The fact cannot be ignored a webpage load speed matters a lot as it affects conversion rates as well as SEO ranking. Hope these tips have helped you.

It is time to take your Magento Store on the next level. We all know how technology is changing and go fast. Online purchasing has truly become the way to shop for most people. Though, e-commerce owners have to come across many issues such as page loading time, stable website performance, and other tasks. 

The best thing is that web performance comes up with a crucial impact on numerous aspects such as customer satisfaction, conversion rates, search engine rankings, etc. Buyers will not prefer to buy from a buggy or slow web portal. Moreover, statistics say that 47% of online shoppers prefer to go with a web page, which gets loaded within a stipulated time or less. As per Development Companies In USA, it requires only 3 seconds for a page to load otherwise most of your customers will leave you. 

Therefore, it is quite important to keep your web portal fast as well as easy so that it could go easy to access. It is one of the prominent priorities regarding Magento Store owners to impart incredible customer experience and fend off cart abandonment. Here, we are going to share highly effective as well as ways to improve Magento frontend performance. It is time to kick off an overview of reasons that what makes Magento go slow. 

What Makes Magento Performance Slow – 

Have you been wondering the same that what makes Magento's performance go slow? You are in the right place as we are going to emphasize it. There are several reasons to prefer Magento over other eCommerce platforms. Though it is hard to ignore that it has some concerns too.

Magento is regarded as being a resource-consuming system. That is why it is slow indeed. There are many complaints regarding Magneto’s performance which can easily be found online support this premise.  To make sure, we believe in comparing the speed of 40 Magento-powered sites right from prominent brands all around the world. 

To put it in simple words, Alexa came up with 67% of the sites being “very slow” and “slow” and that is why it has always been a big issue for more online retailers. Do you want to know what are the reasons for this issue 

  • Not Adding Accurate Hosting – 

Yes, it is one of the major concerns and you must not ignore this. Try to fix it as soon as possible to get your speed back. Most of the time, owners tend to minimize spendings on a Magento start-up. Sometimes this fact is also ignored since all focus is being eaten up on bringing more traffic to the site. 

Top Magento Development Companies say that most sales are done during rush hours. And owners probably prefer to go with server carrying default settings as well as low productivity. Sometimes, settings do not sit well with Magento. Hosting platforms are not considered enough to address the requirement of being an eCommerce business growth. 

  • Huge Traffic On Your Site – 

If your web portal starts to make more sales and traffic, this issue can also be escalated. Moreover, more sales can also be increased. It means huge traffic can lead to making your server crash if it is not configured accurately. Therefore, sales need to stop until the server goes up again. Slow server while having traffic peaks can also result in an increased bounce rate. Therefore, it needs to understand that customers have been looking for stable as well as speedy shop indeed. 

  • Having Many Extensions - 

The next on the list is that it may have several extensions. Make sure that there are not numerous extensions have installed. Moreover, Top Magento Agencies collaborates that proper settings are required indeed. Magento's back-end turns out to be a bit slower in comparison to the front end. It goes up with the time as admin to manage the store. Does not it seem frustrating? 

In The Last – 

The fact cannot be ignored a webpage load speed matters a lot as it affects conversion rates as well as SEO ranking. Hope these tips have helped you. 


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