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Perhaps you recently bought a Canon printer for your office or home and are very excited about getting your print job done. However, when you start printing an important document with your Canon printer, you get blank pages. It's terrifying when a printer suddenly stops working, doing an excellent job. Do not worry! Canon Printer printing blank pages is a general problem faced by most Canon printer users, and we, a group of skilled technicians, help them conveniently. All you have to do is provide the free ring amount and connect with tech knowledge. They will give you the right solution in a perfect way.

There are only a few reasons why your Canon Printer may not be printing blank pages. Here are some of the most common causes, take a look at these:
Due to empty ink or toner cartridges
Blank pages may be printed when the wrong size of paper is loaded from the input tray.
Due to clogging of the vacuum from the capsule
The ink levels may be reduced.
Headphone drivers sometimes cause the same problem.

There is a default Canon printer hardware option.
Follow the steps mentioned to solve the blank page printing dilemma easily and quickly:
If you update the Canon printer driver on your computer and print the file, you may find large-calibre prints in apparent shape. So, here's how to update your printer, go through the different points: Click the "Start" button instead, then locate Device Manager and select it. Once obtained, click it Performing this system will check if an update is available.
Click "Update" if available.
After completing the driver update procedure, restart the computer.

Change the printer preferences.
Change the printer settings by following the steps below and print a test page to verify that the prints are printed on pages that are blank or contain actual text.
Select "Devices and Printers" and right-click on it
Select Printing Preferences from the list
Click the Maintenance section, then click "Advanced Settings."
Each time the Extended Settings window opens, select the "Skip blank page" setting.
Click here "OK" to save the changes.
Then check if the problem continues or not.

If you use low-quality cartridges that are universal, there is a greater chance of getting blank pages on your prints. Therefore, you should use a high-quality general cassette. By using high-quality ink, you can also get excellent marks with high quality and the right viscosity, so that it won't block the print nozzles.

Make sure the printer is in the correct position.
Canon printer users are strongly recommended to place their printer in the right place as the ink on the print head may thicken when the printer has not been used for a long time. Place the printer in a fashionable place to avoid additional barriers.

Evaluate the degree of ink
You need to check the ink level is empty or low. You can quickly check this by printing reports using all buttons in the menu. When there is no ink in the black cartridge, you cannot print anything. Thus, fill the capsules with black ink and then proceed to the printing project.

Clean the printheads
If you do not use your Canon printer for a long time, the ink may dry out and clog the printhead cartridges. To unlock the printhead, you need to clean the printheads or publish the nozzles.
Now remove the ink cartridge or cartridge from the printer marginally.
Usually, the protective sheets are placed in brand new cartridges. Find it, then wash it with a cotton cloth or handkerchief.

We only hope that the above mentioned written processes will be useful in solving your blank page printing problems. However, if you run into any issues while following such guidelines, feel free to put your phone number on the XYZ Hotline as our tech-geek group exists around the clock to assist you perfectly.


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