Paper or cloth dog cocktail napkins-which is greener?

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Paper or cloth dog cocktail napkins-which is greener?

Napkins are a basic necessity in everyone’s kitchen or maybe in everyday life, right? But, is there a way we can still get to use the napkins and reduce the chances of hurting the environment? Yes, there is definitely one way we can do so. Use the cloth pet cocktail napkins or the dog print tea towels. Here are some of the significant differences that make the cloth napkins one of the better ways to make the most of the earthly resources. 


  1. The paper napkins can be used for only once while the cloth pet cocktail napkins have the capacity to be used for numerous times. 
  2. If we talk about from the source of obtaining their raw material, then the answer is simple. The paper printed dog cocktail napkins come from trees or recycled paper. While the cloth napkins are sourced from cotton and other natural fibre crops. 
  3. Considering the aspect of recycling the dog cocktail napkins, they get dirty from food or other bodily fluids. However, the cloth dog print tea towels napkins can be recycled. 


We totally understand why the cloth cocktail napkins are put to use but what about the times when you are hosting a huge event that includes several guests? Most of the time one cannot use or afford the napkins made of cloth. What is the best alternative way or technique to use the paper napkins and take care of the environment simultaneously? 

The paper pet cocktail napkins or the dog cocktail napkins can be used in the compost. Whenever you are making the compost, one has to form a good balance between green and brown items. The green items are rich in protein or nitrogen that helps the micro-organisms to grow and so people add grass cuttings to the compost. The brown items on the other are a good source of carbon. A paper or a paper napkin is a fit brown item to add to the compost to let the air filter through the compost. 

There is no doubt in saying that the printed dog cocktail napkins made of cloth are a greener option, but both of them have their own advantages. It is, however, advisable to go for a paper printed pet cocktail napkin instead of the dog print tea towels when you are holding a grand party or wedding because managing more than a hundred cloth napkins will add to the cost as well as turn into a task while getting them cleaned. 

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