How do I get my printer out of the error state?

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How do I get my printer out of the error state?

A printer is a virtual output device that helps print paper documents, including text documents, images, or both of the combinations. Inkjet and laser printers are the most common types of printers available in the market. Other printers are available with advanced technology. Some printers can only print hard copies of black and white, while most printers can print color prints in today's market.

The primary function of a printer is to accept text and graphic output from a computer device and print the information on a standard size paper. Printers may vary in their size, speed, and cost. High-resolution color printing requires expensive printers, but viewing quality increases more than regular printing. Printers provide us with the flexibility to convert paper documents into digital formats in a time of need.

Using a printer can also acquaint us with various problems. Such a situation could be an error state keyword in printers. If the printer's status shows "printer in error state,” then the user must understand that the printer has a problem within itself.


Reasons for which this problem might arise

1. In case the printer is not turned on correctly.

2.If the printer is not well connected to the PC by proper Wi-Fi connection or cable.

3.If, there is enough paper available for printing.

4.If, the printer has a low amount of ink for printing.

5.If the printer cover is open during printing.

6.In case the paper is jammed inside the printer.


Here are reasons which are resolvable with proper guidance

  1. Do make sure that the printer is appropriately turned on.
  2. The Wi-Fi connection or the cable should be well connected to your printer as well as your PC.
  3. You should have enough paper to print.
  4. Make sure your printer does not run out of ink for printing.
  5. Close the printer cover before printing.
  6. Correctly place the paper for printing so that it does not get jammed.

Follow the guidelines given below to deal with the printer’s error state

If the problems mentioned above are not the reason behind the printer’s error state keyboard problem, you should try other guidelines. For example:

By updating your Windows:  You can update your Windows version to its latest version available then your printing issue will be automatically fixed.

  1. Try reinstalling the printer driver: By reinstalling the printer driver main solved the error problem.

 For reinstalling, the printer driver follows the steps mentioned.

  • In the beginning, click on the start button and find the "device manager.”
  • Click on the device manager and open it, and you will find an option "view,” and by clicking again, it will show "show hidden devices.”
  • Now by scrolling down and clicking right on the "Ports (COM & LPT).” Then again, click on "properties.”
  • At this point, click the "Port Settings" option and then uncheck the "Enable legacy Plug and Play Detection" option. Then press ok. At this point, check whether the error is fixed or not. If the error is not settled, then go back on that option again, repeat the process, and check whether it resolves the issue.
  • In case the error is still not solved, then again open "Device Manager" and "Ports (COM & LPT).” Then search for your printer's name and right-click on it to uninstall the drivers.
  • After finishing uninstallation, return back on the previous option again and click on "Update driver software.” Now on your screen, you will find the "Browse my computer for driver software" option.
  • Click on that option and again click on "Browse" to locate the driver location and install the drivers.
  • If your computer device does not have any drivers, then, in that case, click on the "Search automatically for updated driver software" option, and the windows itself will automatically download and install the drivers.
  • After finishing the installation, you can try printing something to check whether the problem is solved or not.

The "Printer in an error state" problem should be fixed by following the above mentioned two methods. But in case if the problem is still there, then the printer itself might have some trouble. It would be best if you took your printer to the service center to resolve the issue.

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