Top 5 Summer Traditional Drinks in India

Top 5 Summer Traditional Drinks in India

Top 5 Summer Traditional Drinks in India

You quickly start smacking lip when listening to the name of refreshing Jal-Jeera Drink. And how can we forget the sugarcane juice, pinched with few drops of lemon and ginger? From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there are so many traditional refreshing drinks you can enjoy throughout summer.  None of the soft drinks can replace the value and taste of our traditional drinks.

Top 5 Summer Traditional Drinks in India
Top 5 Summer Traditional Drinks in India

All these traditional drinks are not only full of taste but also offer health benefits like protein and minerals. Sharbat, a cool refreshing drink has been our favourite from the time of childhood.

Here are 5 unbeaten summer traditional drinks:


A spicy refreshing drink blended with a perfect proportion of tamarind, cumin, and black salt, is a favourite of millions in India. It also helps to boost your digestive system. Jal Jeera is a great substitute for cola drinks.


Fully of energy and extreme at the taste, thandai cannot be forgotten during summers. Ingredients like almonds, rose petals, and pistachios are used to prepare India’s most popular energy drink - Jal Jeera. It is one of the best refreshing drinks available in India during the summers.

Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi is an authentic Punjabi refreshing drink used to consume a lot in summers. It’s a drink prepared with blended thick yoghurt and added sugar added in it. A thick layer of Malai is also added with rose flavour. People don’t just drink it or like it, actually, they love and feel the authentic taste of this energetic drink.


People, who are not fond of sweetened yoghurt products, love to drink Buttermilk for its spicy taste. Popularly known as Chaach, Buttermilk is a cool refreshing drink that is considered full of health and taste.

Improves Immunity

Not only as an energy booster, but thandai also improves the power of immunity. Ingredients like peppercorn and cloves can also be used in some of the thandai drinks as they are best to boost immunity and that too proven by Ayurveda. Saffron is also used to prepare Thandai drinks because of its anti-depressant and anti-oxidative properties. So don’t forget to try the glass of yum and energy.

Digestion Booster

Another reason to try this drink is to push your constipation away. The fennel seeds and rose petals used in thandai drinks help to improve digestion for sure. The thandai drinks keep your motion in control during the scorching heat of summers.

Relieves you from constipation

When poppy seeds Thandai is on, constipation is surely gone. The special ingredient helps you relieve from gastric and constipation problems for sure. Besides the benefit, these seeds are good to be used as good nutrition providers as they are full of protein, fiber, calcium, and minerals.


Other than the above benefits, thandai sharbats with fennel seeds can also help to cure flatulence. These seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that can really help to improve digestion.

So don’t forget to beat the heat of summers with the coolest collection of thandai sharbats available on the online store of Jai Guruji Thandai.

It will take months for winters to come again. Till that time, we need to fight the summer heat and beat it with drinks that not only keep us cool and refreshed but also keep us healthy. In such a scenario, what could be better than having a thandai or sharbat drink? They help to keep our body temperature in check so that we remain healthy. So, all mommies and daddies, it’s time to try out sharbat recipes for your kids. We bet they will love it and will slurp the drink in no time!

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