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Your PC often crashes with Norton Error 3048 3 popping up when running the exact same app more than once.
Your computer regularly pops up for a couple of seconds sometimes.
Norton 3048 3 error messages may appear during any sort of program set up, Windows startup or shutdown, or even a Symantec-related software application (eg. Norton AntiVirus) is operating, or through the setup of the Windows operating system. To repair the mistake it's essential to keep a track of precisely where and when do 3048 3 mistakes happen.

Reasons For Norton Error 3048 3
We're listing below a few of the likely causes of Norton Antivirus mistake 3048 3.
Norton Antivirus download is corrupt or there's an unfinished installation of Norton AntiVirus software.
Corruption from the Windows registry in the recent Norton AntiVirus related applications shift during installation or uninstallation).
Adware or adware disease that's corrupted Windows system files or Norton AntiVirus-related application files.
Any other app maliciously or wrongly deleted Norton AntiVirus-related documents.
The mistake can happen again so it's crucial to troubleshooting several causes to prevent it from reoccurring.
Norton Error 3048- Troubleshoot Step-by-step

How to Repair Norton Error 3048 3
Demonstrating a Step-by-step procedure of how to Repair the specified error:

Measure 1: Repair Registry Entries
An individual shouldn't edit the Windows registry until you're a professional since it may completely cause a system failure or harm your operating system that can't be adjusted further. A little coma placed at the incorrect location can cause such large damages to your own body. We highly suggest using applications such as'Win Thruster' (Manufactured by Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) to repair the error. Another program is that the"Registry Cleaner' which simplifies the process of locating some malicious or malicious entry.


Measure2: Start a Malware Scan on your PC
There's a great likelihood that the mistake has happened because of some type of Malware infection in your PS. It's compulsory to conduct the Malware Scan to maneuver such a type of potential. These malicious viruses may harm or even delete a few of the significant runtime error files in your system. Additionally, it may occur that the runtime error that you may be experiencing is part of this malicious application only.

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Measure 3: Check Your Junk folder and delete temp files
Through the years as you continue working online on your pc, temporary or junk fees keep accumulating in your system. It will become mandatory to wash out the documents as this could be the probable reason behind the Error 3048 3 to happen by not allowing the Norton antivirus to work correctly or getting slowed down. Not just this but by doing this your system performance radically improvises.

Measure 4: Update your System’s device
3048 3 mistakes may also occur because of device drivers that aren't upgraded or corrupted. To resolve the error you want to frequently update your device drivers.
The catch is that it isn't simple to upgrade the device drivers or locating the mistake related drivers. Also, not everybody is technically capable of installing the ideal drivers or upgrading the same. Installing the incorrect driver can be quite dangerous and may cause the whole system to be closed down permanently.
Driver Update Tools such as Driver Doc are suggested by experts to automate the whole procedure of upgrading the device drivers.

Measure 5: Use Windows System Restore to Undo Changes
There could be some measures when utilizing your system which could lead to malfunction 3048 3. The Windows System Restore may return and reverse action to rectify the incorrect measures required and can repair the error. This simple step will help prevent troubleshooting your system and wasting your time discovering the errors.

Measure 6: Uninstalling And Reinstalling
Another measure you can take to fix the Norton Antivirus mistake is Uninstalling and reinstalling the Norton Antivirus software.
Windows file checker Can Help You to scan windows corruptions and Let You revive them in Windows System Files

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