Complete guide on 8000XHT Series: Extreme-Temperature Flow Meters

Complete guide on 8000XHT Series: Extreme-Temperature Flow Meters - 8000XHT Series

Complete guide on 8000XHT Series: Extreme-Temperature Flow Meters

It helps you control the flow rate of thermal transfer fluids and the vessel heating fluids. Get 8000XHT flow meter. It will help you to regulate the speed of fluid flow at low and high temperatures. This high-temperature flow meter will give you exact data. Its effects of heat transfer fluids are safe and economical. 

How It Works

As liquid flows by the flow sensor pit, the rotor spin magnets are fixed in the rotor switch, a Hall Effect sensor set in the sensor body. A microcomputer checks the rotor's spinning rate, and computing aspects noted in flash memory let the volumetric flow rate be calculated. Flow rate data is the value as 0–5 or 0–10 VDC and 4–20 mA. A built-in relay is listed to turn state when the calculated flow rate drops under a preferred alarm value. A bright LED flow state sign is green when the flow rate is at regular working levels, bay if it sinks below a set alarm limit and red sinks below the alarm flow rate.

How to install 8000XHT Series

The inner diameter of pipes that come in and tools linked to its inlet affects the flow response of 8000XHT. Upstream tools may have an impact on how it runs. That's why you require to have a run of vertical pipe. The pipe should have a height of not less than ten times the inner pipe diameter. Assure the pipe is set between the flow meter and the upstream tools.

Make sure you find the joint size and the inner diameter of your high-temperature flow meter. You will then be required to make links to nonadjustable or adjustable SAE fixings as guided. You must grease the flow meter threads and O-rings using system fluid before fitting to stop irritating.

When you are done with links, turn on the liquid flow but ensure to be slow. That will help you to know leaks and tighten the link to prevent all leaks. Don't forget to expel air in the flow basin of your 8000XHT flow meter.

 Features of 8000 series liquid flow meters

  • Flow differs from 0.2 to 227 LPM / 0.05 to 60.0 GPM
  • The ability of 3% of the flow range
  • Liquid temperatures from 40 to 90°C for general models customized versions to 150°C and over.
  • Enhanced accuracy and stability from digital signal working
  • AutoAlarm electric alarm trip point setting trait
  • Regular NEMA 4X / IP66 forms
  • 5-year guarantee

Guide on 8000XHT high-temperature flow meter works

The 8000XHT high-temperature flow meter has a different method by which it works. It works based on joined magnets that alternate. The 8000XHT has north and south magnets. They turn as water flows via the sensor cavity. That will then form a spin in the rotor.

As an effect of the spinning rotor, two flux hubs were sent and then to the switch. The switch is two hall effect sensors set on the main electronics board. 8000XHT has an enclosed microcomputer that helps to check the rotational rate of the rotor. It then scales the aspects to clear memory that measures the mass of the fluid flow rate.  

The flow rate data of the fluid you control using this flow meter is measured in terms of output that vary from 0-10. It can be 0-5 VDC or 4-20 MA.

The 8000XHT high-temperature flow meter has a relay trip feature that you can set with comfort. Its trip point is set to alter if the output flow goes below the preset signal value. The flow meter involves a tricolor LED. It will give you a perception sign of your fluid flow rate state. 

Each part of this high-temperature flow meter comes with an alert trip point preset by the provider. That is meant to assure you get correct outcomes. It also helps to stop unwanted interference, which may influence how the flow meter works. The creator of this flow meter sets an above flow limit of 15%. But you may ask for a customized trip point frame when ordering for this tool.


8000XHT series high-temperature flow meter can give you perfect outcomes of the flow speed of the controlled fluids. It works uniquely. Once you have fixed it, assure to check daily. The fitting method is not challenging, but it's vital to have a specialist.


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