11 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles for Long and Messy Braid Hair

Cool Prom Hairstyles

11 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles for Long and Messy Braid Hair

Prom is one in every of the foremost unforgettable nights of each lady once she gets an opportunity to appear gorgeous by choosing the attractive promenade dress. At an equivalent time, they're going through infinite tutorials for that excellent makeup to enrich their overall temperament. But still, they're undecided regarding the hairstyle which will break or create a formidable look.

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of every girl when she gets a chance to look gorgeous by picking the beautiful prom dress.

At the same time, they go through countless tutorials for that perfect makeup to complement their overall personality. But still, they are undecided about the hairstyle that can break or make an impressive look.

After deciding the dress and makeup, the one factor that has got to not be taken gently is your Cool Prom hairstyles

Many of the women favor getting their hair done from hairstylists for this significant occasion. However why to present cash to somebody else once you will get it on yourself or with the assistance of your mother or friend right at your home?

Just check these cool and gorgeous promenade hair cuts for various hair sorts and might be exhausted no time the least bit.


Half up, half down hairstyles are a great option for formal and casual events. They look like you’ve spent hours on them, but actually are super-easy to create. Also, they work for any hair length and face shape.

Half updos are a type of hairstyle that always elicit compliments. Soon enough, they will become your latest addiction. Our collection of 26 half updos will surely inspire you to wear your hair this way.















There was a time when women with natural hair tried to hide their manes, but now they embrace their textured curls and proudly try different hairstyles. Many of them choose to cut their hair pretty short, and the result is breathtaking. We know it’s a bold step, but after a quick look at the hairstyles below, you’ll want to have short natural hair too.


You can twist side buns under, but you can twist them up as well. A cute, single braid accentuates the bun that is brought to the side and then twisted up towards the ear. The crown has a bit of height which makes the front view of this updo even more attractive.


If you would like to boost the sweetness of your naturally curled hair, you'll ne'er fail with this rough  mussy coiffure. It’s perpetually a win by selecting this stylish vogue together of the proper prom Hairstyles for curled hair. This hairstyle doesn't have any specific steps, because it will simply be done giving mussy look by shaping your hair freely with hands. you'll tie them in any form whereas creating a roll. ensure to secure the coiffure with pins. it'll go extraordinary throughout Associate in Nursing eventful night.




Ponytails and bangs sound so high-school ’90s, or worse, just a gym-hairdo to make up with bad hair. But, the fringe and ponies have decided to change that outlook. Ponytails with bangs are everywhere, on-screen, off-screen, runways, and red carpets.

Whether you want to get your hands on Rita Ora’s rainbow ombre ponytail or Serena Williams’s high gold-laced three-tiered ponytail. And yes, the humble ponytail has a ton of ways to dress-up making it a super chic red carpet hairstyle. Okay, let’s get on to the styles to the pony-spiration list!


If you’re a fan of both ponytails and braids, this is a prom hairstyle you should opt for. All you gotta do is wear your hair into a ponytail and braid one section of the ponytail into a messy braid. Don’t forget to tease the rest of the hair for a messy look!

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