What is Dry Cleaning and When Do I Need it?

What is Dry Cleaning and When Do I Need it?

Dry cleaning is a professional cleaning service which can come in handy with your family's delicate materials or smart suits. Dry cleaning usually takes place out of sight at the dry cleaners, so Matic Mums maybe not sure of what's associated with the process.

If you need to know more about the dry cleaning process and whether you really require to utilize it, read on for a guide from Browse stand out of how dry cleaning works.

What is Dry Cleaning?

The reason this procedure is called 'dry cleaning' is that no water is used in the process. However, dry cleaning is not technically 'dry'. When you take your clothes to the dry cleaners, they will first pre-treat any stains with a chemical agent, really similar to how you deal with stains prior to washing in the house. After this, the garments are positioned in a maker that looks a lot like a front-loading washer, total with systems which turn and move the clothes around in a comparable method. A liquid solvent such as perchloroethylene is sprayed all over the clothing as they are agitated.

The clothes are then dried in the same machine. Some dry cleaners may then move on to the 'post-spotting' phase, which aims to take on any staying stains on the clothing. The assistant will typically use a mix of steam, vacuum, and chemical equipment to do this. The last or 'completing' phase is when your garments are ironed and folded prior to being covered in plastic to protect them from dirt.

When Do I Need to Use the Dry Cleaners?

It's finest to examine the labels on your family's clothing before deciding to wash or dry tidy anything. If any of the labels say 'dry-clean only', then it's constantly much safer to dry tidy these garments-- you don't wish to damage them!

Normal items that may be marked as 'dry-clean just' consist of the following:


Sarees with embroidery or beading work

Silk Sarees


Can I Wash Products Labelled 'Dry Clean'?

However, if the label has just 'dry tidy' on it, this suggests that the manufacturer recommends the dry cleaning process, however, this is not always the only method to clean the garment. In this case, you might consider a mild machine wash with Surf excel Matic. However, it's important to be cautious with these materials, as it's likely that they will be fragile.

Here's how you can clean items marked 'dry clean' at home:

Wash only in cool water with your Browse excel Matic cleaning agent.

Utilize your machine's mild or delicate cycle.

When machine-washing, put the clothing in a net bag to secure them from snagging.

Air-dry the product to prevent diminishing.

In all cases, if you're unsure or if the item is lined or structured, like a coat, it's best to play safe and take it to the dry cleaners.

Can I Dry Clean at Home?

Do-it-yourself dry cleaning sets are readily available from home shops and might deserve thinking about as a less expensive choice to regular dry cleaning services, as they can be re-used up to 25 times. These sets include a pre-treatment 'spotter' that you use to any stains in advance, together with a dry clean pad which contains the same chemicals utilized at the dry cleaners.

This is positioned into your tumble dryer at home, cleaning and ventilating the garment. Clothing comes out smelling fresh and needs to not need ironing. Nevertheless, these packages are not always 100% reliable on oil-based stains, so if your clothes are greatly stained, the dry cleaners might be more suitable. For additional information, inspect our post about dry-cleaning in the house!

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