Benefits of Thandai and Health Risks with Soft Drinks

Benefits of Thandai and Health Risks with Soft Drinks

Benefits of Thandai and Health Risks with Soft Drinks

Millions of people are consuming soft drink every day without knowing the harmful effects or benefits of it. On the other hand, a traditional Indian cold drink is also in the trend but not very much popular in comparison to the cola products. Cola companies claim their soft drinks to be the best refreshing drink in summers. Let’s know how true it is:

Drinking soda every day until years may cause a bad effect on your kidney functioning

Bad Effects of Soft Drinks

  1. Drinking too much soda every day may file the risk of having diabetes at an early age
  2. Consuming caffeine means you are having Diuretics inside your body, which leads to the excessive production of urine, causing you to urinate frequently, and makes your body cells weaker to absorb nutrients with difficulty.
  3. Soda is prepared by using Caramel, which is linked to promoting cancer. This is the artificial process of making cola drinks brown in colour.
  4. ‘High on Calories’ factor also makes it one of the most harmful drinks to consume
  5. As it is having high calories, it increases the risk of obesity and heart disease in both men and women
  6. The acid in soda is extremely harmful to teeth.
  7. The average 20-ounce can of Coca-Cola contains almost 17 spoons of sugar. Now, you can understand how bad it is for your health.
  8. Artificial sweeteners are added to the cola drink which promotes numerous diseases including cancer
  9. Researchers at Tufts University studied that women who drink 3 or more cola based sodas a day, have 4% lower bone mineral density in their hips, even they are trying to control the intake of calcium and vitamin D.

After scaring you too much with the harmful impacts of consuming soda drinks, now the time has come to tell you about the benefits of Thandai Sharbat.

Benefits of Thandai

  1. With an amazing taste, Rose petals in Thandai helps to cure the digestion problem.
  2. Watermelon and pumpkin seeds get you instant energy. Both the ingredients are proven as very good sources of natural energy. Nuts like almonds and pistachios bring a sense of fullness.
  3. Ingredients like peppercorn and cloves are added to Thandai for boosting immunity power.
  4. Thandai doesn’t act as an addiction as sodas do
  5. Thandai has long term health benefits

You cannot count even a single health benefit with the consumption of soda or cola drinks but Thandai has several health benefits as you can read. You must pick up a drink full of health rather than picking up a slow-poison from the refrigerators in restaurants. You can buy readymade Jai Guruji Thandai Sharbat, if not able to prepare the recipe on your own.

July Drinks, have you ever heard about having exotic drinks according to the months? What if we suggest, what healthy drinks you can have in the month of July for an ultimate refreshing experience.  Yes, it is true we have come up with exotic drinks to freshen you up. The month of July is hot humid and full of unpleasing weather conditions. but a wee bit excitement of monsoon makes it happening.  In such a weather condition your only way to make yourself adjustable to the weather is the liquid you take inside your body. Refreshing drinks such as sharbats are natural ways to ultimate refreshment. The temperature has shot up to 50-degree Celsius and in this excruciating heat, sharbats provides us with a natural way to dehydrate and energise our body.

let us talk about the first sharbat in our list of July!

Guruji Rose syrup, a special kind of refreshment extracted out of rose flower. red in colour and has a special ability to refresh you. Rose sharbat is often considered as a drink which is very common in central and East Asian countries.  It nourish skin by hydrating it, have anti-ageing qualities, mood enhancer- fights depression, relieve digestion, helps to heal from cold and flu, calm nerves and relieve fluid retention and inflammation.


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