Risk Reduction Course in Atlanta, GA

Risk Reduction Course in Atlanta, GA

Risk Reduction Course in Atlanta, GA

There are people who have left the efforts and think they cannot be drivers again.

That’s hopelessness. And you need to get over it. Now, how will you?

There are multiple solutions and the best is to take a Risk Reduction Course by some renowned academy or driving school.

We know it can be hard to have a driving license expelled, being caught for rash driving or with illegal possession of drugs, and regain the previous driving status back. Where we understand that it was a responsibility on the part of the state to stop you, we also get that everyone can work on themselves to make better persons out of them.

Here is a brief introduction to the risk reduction course by Driving under Intelligence. This company has been in the work for years and now has countless people who are now driving confidently on the roads of Georgia.

Risk Reduction by Driving Under Intelligence

If you are faced with any license or driving issues due to any level of involvement in drugs, you have got to take a course. Now, when there are many driving schools, you have to have insight into how they are serving and is it worth taking their course.

But to spare you of all the struggle, here is the working process of one of the best driving schools that have the state and people’s recognition.

Driving under Intelligence has its aim to make safe driving common on the roads of Georgia. Fulfilling this purpose, they design their courses under the supervision of most expert trainers. Secondly, all of the courses are made leaving room for adaption to the individual needs. So once you enroll, you are passed through a proper assessment to analyze the areas that need maximum practice and training.

In short, making plans specific to every individual, make the training very specific. This always benefits the trainees and they turn out to be better performers more quickly.

Talking about the risk reduction course, it is completed in two stages. Divided into two parts for completing the analysis or then the training, it is made sure that the trainee is dealt with professionally.

They are the clinical evaluation and then the risk reduction training. A brief description, to give you an idea about how we deal with our trainees, about these two courses is here.

Clinical Evaluation

During clinical evaluation, a detailed assessment of the client is done. This assessment is important to know everything about your involvement in drugs and your grip on driving. In short, the plan that has been made after this stage is based upon the condition that you are in.

The basic elements of the evaluation are

-level of involvement in drugs

-the names of drugs that the person is involved in

-the level of drug intoxication in blood

-which stage of addiction the person is in

-the intensity of withdrawal symptoms

-the behavioral patterns and problems occurring due to involvement in drugs

-insight about addiction as a problem

The evaluation is done in separate rooms exclusively with the clinical experts.

Risk Reduction Training     

Then starts the training through different formats. After reaching a conclusion about the assessment, a plan is devised and then the person is treated according to that.

The training includes

-lectures over driving and drugs etc.

-individual counseling sessions with professional counselors

-driving training to get a better grip over it  

-group discussions to increase the motivation to leave drugs

-discussions with the people who have successfully rehabilitated

This is just a general description that our course includes. The specificities are later added and the course modules are handed over once the person enrolls.

You can visit their website and discuss the issues in detail.    


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