The Anatomy of a Great Adult Diaper

The Anatomy of a Great Adult Diaper

The Anatomy of a Great Adult Diaper

Today, adult diapers help a lot of people to live their life to the fullest. So many people are bound to live their life at home before this invention came into existence. Now, since the time adult diapers have come to the market, our beloved elders and the people who are facing incontinence problem can step outside to go for a walk, meet people, and attend shows. Adult diapers have revolutionized the way we now treat incontinence. Deviating from the 'Taboo' tag, adult diapers are making a huge difference in lives of people suffering with incontinence.

But, do you know how adult diapers are made? Did you try to understand the anatomy of great adult diapers ever? Let’s find out how good adult diapers are made and how to choose the best one according to your need.

-Absorbent Pad

Pad is the most important property in a diaper, which can be a cloth or can be a spongy material to absorb fluid in an adult diaper. Cotton is used to be a naturally absorbent material by some of the diaper brands in past. Dignity distinguishes itself by using wood pulp which is imported from USA and non-woven fabric which is imported from Malaysia. It has excellent absorption properties, which are far better than old cotton pads.

Today, modern adult diaper brands are using dual-core padding for better absorbency. The material used in these diapers is 100 per cent anti-bacterial.

-Skin-friendly & Extra Soft fabric used on the Top Sheet in adult diapers, outer shell or fabric is the part which contacts directly to the skin. Some of the diapers may contain lubricants or other itch-resistant material to resist rashes and other skin infections. Dignity upholds the quality standards to produce good quality adult diaper made with raw material which is hypoallergenic to prevent any kinds of allergies.

The elastic tapes are given to provide a snug and comfortable fit and leg barrier cuffs are used to avoid leakage in modern adult diapers.

-Quality Assurance

Several measures are taken to assure the quality of adult diapers, and most of them are related to their absorbency. While so many ordinary brands produce diapers in a normal environment, Dignity prefers to be consistent in making their adult diapers in a clinically-approved hygienic environment. From the designing to the final form, a high-class brand never compromises with the quality of the material used in an adult diaper. -The high-quality and affordable adult diapers are available in three varieties based on their requirement; Magna that resists for 8-12 hours, Premium for 10-12 hours, and Overnight for 12-16 hours. You can choose from the standard sizes: M, L, XL

  • Dignity Premium Adult Diaper

    Dignity Premium Adult Diaper

  • Dignity Magna Adult Diaper

Incontinence or leaky bladder is a common condition that can happen due to nerve and muscle problems that help bladder holding and releasing urine. With weak nerves, you may not able to hold urine while coughing or sneezing. Or you may not be able to get to the bathroom in time when having a sudden urge to pass urine.

You must go to see a doctor who can help you with some exercises and treatments:


Your doctor may suggest some drugs to calm your muscles and nerves in order to prevent leaky bladder problems. Botox injection can be the alternative when other medications don’t work. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes to inject Botox inside your body. In most of the cases, botox can last up to 6 months. Your doctor may also suggest surgery if the symptoms are severe. But that is usually reserved for rare cases.

Bladder Training

Passing urine at set times can help you control over the bladder and heavy incontinence problem. This kind of routine helps you to increase the time between your bathroom trips. Doctors call it bladder training and it helps a lot to get rid of the leaky bladder problems.

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