How to make a morning milk tasty & energetic?

How to make a morning milk tasty & energetic?

How to make a morning milk tasty & energetic?

The morning milk is the most important meal of the day. It offers all essential nutrients that your body needs everyday. But, it is hard to drink for those who are not the fond of its taste.

Don’t worry! There are so many ways the taste of milk can be improved easily. The taste of your regular milk can be changed with minimal efforts. Few of them are described below:

Make it a banana shake

A glass full of protein and essential nutrients can be made with the combination of banana and milk. Nothing can beat this combination as this is favourite of all gym and sports lovers. Every nutritionist recommends it, whether you have to gain muscles or not, because it fulfils all the daily requirement of nutrients in our body.

Add honey to it

A spoon of honey changes the taste of milk and makes it a better nutritional drink for your daily breakfast meal. Also, you can add a spoon of sugar to improve its taste. However, it is suggested to keep the temperature of milk and honey low as lukewarm to keep it completely beneficial for your body.

Add badam & kesar syrup

Pour Guruji Thandai badam & keshar syrup in a glass of milk and you will discover a great taste with its enhanced nutritional value. Spending around 300 bucks can make your milk tasty and healthy all month long.

Use chocolate & peanut powder

Yes, it is bit difficult to make peanut powder. Alternatively, you can buy some healthy chocolate powders like Bournvite from the market that offers ultimate taste with good nutritional value to your morning milk. Also, you can add a spoon of sugar for the better taste.

A spoon of rose syrup & sugar

Try a spoon of rose syrup with sugar in your regular milk and you will discover a new taste that you would love to enjoy everyday.

Everybody knows milk is a good source of protein and we must consume at least a glass full of it everyday. But, the big problem is that we don’t like the taste of it. We take it like a punishment getting everyday. But, also we can’t avoid as we need it to fulfil the need of protein and other nutrients in our body.

Have you ever thought it could be better with its taste? What if you wait eagerly to drink it everyday? Yes, you can turn this boring drink into a delicious one with little efforts. Let’s understand how:          

Banana Shake

One banana, a spoon of sugar, and 200 ML of milk turns into a tasty banana shake. More protein is added with the inclusion of a banana. Now, with the improved taste, you will never say no to the milk again. You can also include this drink to your morning meal.

Almond Milk

Almond milk, popular as badaam milk, is high in protein and low in fat, and a good source of energy. If you don’t like the taste of plain milk, you can add-up the flavour of smashed almonds to improve its taste. Or you can add a spoon of Guruji Thandai badaam syrup, which is the pure extract of quality almonds. Vitamin E enriched dry fruits; almonds put a glow on your skin and also improve the functionality of your brain.

Golden Milk

Turmeric milk, better known as golden milk has become popular across the world for its taste and health benefits. You must try the taste of milk blended with turmeric powder. Not only the taste, but the drink offers lots of health benefits too. The spice, turmeric used in this milk carries strong antioxidant properties.

Kesar Milk

Kesar milk can be the best alternative for the regular cow milk. With the quality of great taste, kesar milk helps to maintain blood pressure and promotes the count of red blood cells in our body. It also helps in detoxification, body healing, and getting fairer skin.

Strawberry milk shake Adding strawberries to the milk turns to be a yummy strawberry shake, which is favourite of millions. You can replace your regular milk with the delicious strawberry milkshake if you don’t like the taste of regular milk.

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