How Guruji has become the trademark of Thandai products and dry fruit syrups?

How Guruji has become the trademark of Thandai products and dry fruit syrups?

How Guruji has become the trademark of Thandai products and dry fruit syrups?

With the huge experience of more than 50 years, Guruji has reached the stage of ruling the heart of Indian fruit syrup market. Started in 1965 in Kolkata, Guruji’s setup has now settled in Delhi, making its products with proper hygiene and cleanliness.

The brand, Guruji came with the sole purpose of providing the best Thandai products to the Indian market. And, it all happened because of using perfect ingredients and offering authentic taste with all its Thandai and dry fruit syrups.

Every fruit or flower that used in making Guruji product is fresh and plucked from organic plants and trees. From the aam panna Thandai for summers to the badam keshar syrup for winters, it has everything to fulfil the need of all-season drinks.

Summer Drinks

Its best-selling syrups and fruit squashes are Litchi, orange, pineapple, mango, lemon, brahmi badam, and jeera. All its drinks are prepared with the guidance of Ayurvedic philosophy. Class II preservatives are used to keep the dinks safe and fresh for a long time.

Winter Drinks

You can make your regular milk and shakes better with the taste by adding syrups offered from the brand - Guruji. Now the times, the fruits syrups from Guruji has become the proud and USP of juice bars and parlours. Its badam keshar fruit syrup is the best-selling product in winters as it turns your regular milk into a tasty and healthy drink within the seconds. Except online, you can buy Guruji products from physical general stores too. Its every single product, whether it is deported to general stores or online stores, assures top-notch quality and passed through various quality checks to offer the finest products.

Most of us prefer coffee in the morning to break-up with overnight sleep. You must know that you are doing injustice with your health by grabbing the cup of tea or coffee every morning. It’s time to replace your coffee with some health-benefitted drinks to boost up your energy in lazy mornings. Let’s know them well and start drinking one of them from tomorrow onwards:

Mix Juice

Juice of 2-3 fruits like apple, pomegranate, and orange will add-up so many vitamins to your blood every day.

Cow milk with Badam Syrup

A glass of cow milk with a spoon of Guruji Thandai badam syrup can spruce up the taste and health factor to recharge your mornings.

Coconut Water

Loaded with a lot of minerals, coconut water is one of the best drinks one can consume every day in the morning.

Quinoa Milk

Already hitting the local stores, quinoa milk is a blend of almond, coconut, and soya milk. Consuming it in the morning means you are adding so much protein to your muscles every day.

Protein Shake

Adding 2-3 spoons of protein powder in a glass of milk with cut bananas offer a perfect protein dose in the morning.

Hot Chocolate

A spoon of cocoa powder in coconut, almond, or soya milk prepares a cup of hot chocolate to boost up your mornings. One cup of hot chocolate can uplift your mood with the whopping amount of anti-oxidants you find in 3 cups of green tea.

Orange Juice

The evergreen and most preferred Orange juice is always good to energise your mornings. Oranges are full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Lemon Water

Full of vitamin C, it aids your metabolism process and keeps you hydrated all day long. One more benefit you should know that your skin starts glowing with its regular consumption.


A glass of buttermilk in the morning is good to be hydrated. This drink should be added to your regular diet as it is a rich source of protein and calcium. So these were the natural and healthy drinks you must prefer over your regular morning coffee to adopt healthy and fit life.

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