Best tips for hiring a content writer

tips for hiring a content writer

Best tips for hiring a content writer

Best tips for hiring a content writer

In this article we will share some best tips for hiring a content writer. It is not easy to decide upon the right candidate hiring for a content writer’s profile as the profile demands mental strength, in-depth research, extraordinary writing style, prior experience of writing mechanism, content editing ability, quality vocabulary treasury, conceptual knowledge, presence of mind, excellent command over language etc.

Content writer has emerged as a promising career for the talented individuals who are well versed with writing or they are passionate about writing.  It takes hell lots of efforts to develop one professional blog or article. As many people trying for this profile always practice plagiarism based production of the content, which ultimately leads to the inferior quality of a piece of writing. Therefore it is a responsible task to choose the right content writer.

Considerable Tips Before Hiring A Content Writer –

  1. Understand what your project needs are: It is important to deeply know about the needs of your project because only on the basis of what all needs are their of the project can get you to the right direction. Before hiring a content writer you must understand if you are looking for a writer for;
  • Technical Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Digital Media Writing
  • News Article Writing
  • White Paper Writing
  • Fiction and Non-fiction Writing
  • Informative Writing etc.
  1. Mark your target audience: You must understand that what is your target audience because if you already know your audience then it becomes easier to understand their needs, requirements, wishes, desires, ideas, objectivity etc. Hiring a content writer without knowing whom you are writing for can cause you a trouble and at the same time it can lower the performance of that writer. You must need to know about the taste, liking, disliking,  interests etc. of your readers beforehand.
  2. Judge on the basis of prior experience: It is vital to know about the past experiences of the content writer in the same field. As most of the facts about him would be known though his prior experiences. It will define about if he is a versatile writer or he is a specific niche writer. If he will have a vast working exposure then he will discuss more of technical aspects of the content projects and the way they are to be delivered to the client. He might be knowing about how to deal with a specific client for a specific project need.
  3. Test the knowledge on the subject matter: To judge and to know about his abilities you can test his knowledge on the topic or several topics. If he will be a an experienced content writer he will discuss about the tactics being used to develop the likable rb_blog and articles . He may also define the different types of contents required by the SEO executive to uplift the ranking of targeted website. For example;
  • rb_blog and articles
  • Short rb_blog and short articles
  • PDFs and PPTs
  • Web 2.0 content
  • Meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Guest blogging and guest posting etc.
  1. Look for past writing work: You must ask the content writer to submit his or her past work or a sample of previous work. While going through the piece of content written by the interviewed content writer you will be able to have an idea about how good he writes and what is his style of writing. It will also help you to understand if he has better sense of making proper paragraphs and if he has sensible knowledge of editing the content as per the requirements.
  2. Don’t go after the designation mentioned on their CV: Many a times most of the content writer mention different designations and profiles in their resume, just to highlight the profile or to make an impression on the interviewer. But the actual fact is they would hardly have required knowledge about the mentioned position. Therefore, in order to place the candidate on the right position you must not bother his or her current or past mentioned designations. Though, in some of the cases it can be genuine.
  3. Cross check for the writing quality: Every writer has his own style and sense of writing the content. But to optimize the selection process, you must cross check the kind of content candidate writes. Not only this but quality of the wholesome content is much more important than the quantity of data. The right sort of writing behavior is always a reason for good quality content.
  4. Take a test of their grammar proficiency: It is made mandatory and it is also very much needed to take the proficiency test of each candidate. Test format can help you to judge an individual on different parameters.  And it can also provide you the overall performance of the candidate in the test. It will also help you to find out his ability to write in the specified language.
  5. Check the sense of articulation: Although, writing an article in a simple and concise manner is always appreciated by the readers and visitors on the website. But when you are targeting an international market and when your ultimate target audience is from allover the world then it becomes your duty to provide them a good quality content with the usage of effective articulated sentences. These articulated sentences are made to attract the eye of a reader.

10. If they understand about SEO friendly content quality: Many content writers, professional or non-professional hardly understand the content of SEO friendly content. And to develop the website in a right direction and to keep the pace in progressive way,  content writer needs to write the content SEO friendly. Use of most demanding yet easy to read and search keywords should be used. rb_blog and articles should be plagiarism free.

So, the above mentioned checklist should be followed before hiring one content writer. Although content writers can ask for little privacy while writing the content because a writer needs to think over the topic, he needs to do deep research and he needs to do brain storming. Therefore, follow the said process and hire an effective content writer for your website.You can even look for a talented team of individuals. These individuals can be an expert of their respective fields.

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