Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 

Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 

Microsoft Thunderbird is an open-source mail server providing its clients the services to send and receive emails from one or a lot of email accounts. With its ability to run on each Macintosh and Windows, Thunderbird has become a favorite email application and has accumulated quite a large user base while it offers several additional benefits; Thunderbird falls short when compared to Microsoft Outlook. The outlook is much more user-friendly and secure and offers a bunch of capabilities. And that’s why people so usually search for ways to migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

Although performing Thunderbird to Outlook migration has become much more simplified than it used to be, however, if a user must transfer Thunderbird emails to Outlook on a new computer, it becomes a complex process than just a simple migration. There are 2 phases concerned within the method, wherein, 1st the Thunderbird MBOX file is transferred from the source computer to the destination computer, then the MBOX file is converted to Outlook compatible PST format.

In this post, we’re discussing each of these phases so you'll simply migrate thunderbird email to the new system.

Method to transfer Thunderbird to a new PC

First things 1st – allow us to clarify that there’s no inbuilt way to export your data from Thunderbird to a new computer. When it comes to exporting Mozilla Thunderbird to a different computer or laptop, the only way to do it is by manually copying your data to the new machine.
Professional recommend that though taking Thunderbird data over, you should export the whole mailbox along with all its contents like emails, contacts, calendars, address books, settings, saved passwords and other data from one PC to another. 

The technique to Transfer Thunderbird to a New PC

Note: it's always important to make sure your device is correctly insured before starting the mailbox export to the other pc. You will have to back up all your mailbox data preferably into an external storage device like USB flash drive, Portable Hard Drive, CD/DVD, etc.

Once the backup has been completed, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1.    Go to the desktop and click on the “Start” button located at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. If using Windows 8 or Windows 10, tap the Windows button on your keyboard and type the following in the search box:
“C:\Users\ [WindowsUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles”
2.    Now press the “Enter” button.
3.    Use the mouse to right-click on the file labeled “.default” and select “Copy” from the drop-down menu.
4.    Now click “Computer” in the navigation area to your left. Find your backup media and notice the specified sub-folder.
5.    Paste the data. 
6.    After the process is finished, remove your backup media and place it into your new machine.
7.    On the new pc, log in to Windows and install Mozilla Thunderbird. Close Thunderbird after doing so.
8.    Proceed to the Windows “Start” button as discussed earlier.
9.    Click on the backup drive you placed on your new computer. Find the “.default” folder you derived earlier and double-click it.
10.    Use the combination “CTRL +A” to select the total contents of the folder, followed by “CTRL + C” to copy the contents.
11.    Retrace your steps by clicking “Start”, then typing the following in the “Search” field:
“C:\Users\ [WindowsUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles”
12.    Press the “Enter” button.
13.    Double click your “.default” file.
14.    Press “CTRL + V” to copy the files you chose from your backup. You will probably be prompted about overwriting, please select “Yes” when asked so.
15.    Presently open Thunderbird and all your messages and settings should be synchronized.

What to after finishing the transfer thunderbird email to a new computer?
Once your Thunderbird emails and alternative mailbox things are transferred to a new pc, in order to import them into Outlook, you’ll have to perform a conversion between the underlying file formats that both email clients use. In alternative words, you'll get to perform a Thunderbird to Outlook conversion.

The easiest and most efficient way to perform a Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion is with the use of automated software KDETools Thunderbird Converter. Equipped with the finest and most technically advanced conversion algorithms, this professional tool helps you perform hassle-free and risk-free Thunderbird Conversion so that you can export your mailbox contents from email clients like Entourage, Evolution, Eudora, Apple Mail, Sea Monkey, etc. to Outlook. It comes complete with an interactive GUI and lots of other features that make it a product worth keeping handy. 

Migrating or exporting emails from one client to another is a tough job, let alone complicated. But thankfully, with the help of an automated solution like KDETools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter, you can perform the major part of the task within a few clicks.

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