What preventive measures should we take while installing a solar system in our house or office premises?

What preventive measures should we take while installing a solar system in our house or office premises?

What preventive measures should we take while installing a solar system in our house or office premises?

Installing solar panels at a house carries a lot of problems for the workers. From lifting it to the highest floors to solving the heating issues, engineers and related workers take so many preventive measures for its safe installation and error-free working.

The solar energy plate making companies has to give training to their employees under the guidance of government authorities to ensure the safe installation of solar power generating systems.

Safety measures remain the same for all types of solar installations. But, taking advanced and guided measures can help to reduce serious accidents and injuries. Since every worksite has different risks, the engineers and co-workers should be preventive in all the situations.

Let’s understand what preventive measures can be taken throughout the whole solar energy system installation process:

Taking panels to the site carefully

Solar panels are not easy to lift or to take anywhere. They need extra care while taking them to the place of installation. Loading and unloading panels from a truck and taking them onto roofs can cause muscle strains and serious accidents.

Safety measures to be taken:

  • Engage at least two people for carrying each solar panel to the roof
  • Use properly inspected cranes while taking solar panels to the top floor
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves while lifting solar panels

Careful about falls

Be careful to mark yourself safe while doing construction jobs, including solar system installation. Even a single little mistake or a loophole can cause an accident. The risk of fall increases when many of the panels are needed to be installed on the roof.

Safety measures to be taken:

  • Keep the way dry and clear of all the obstacles you see on the way for taking solar plates to their destination
  • Cover all the holes on the rooftop

Electrical safety

The solar electric system is consisting of several components, including the PV solar array, an inverter, and other wiring system parts. When all the parts assembled and go live, you see the electricity-generating with the help of sun rays.

Safety measures to be taken:

  • Cover the solar array with an opaque to not let it in the contact of sunlight
  • Tag all the circuits you are working on so that they can be recognized easily
  • Never disconnect PV module connectors when you see them under load

For the safest installation and durability, you should use Primecab's high-quality solar wires.

Cable installation

Cables are used for both indoor and outdoor purpose depending upon the requirement. A trusted and experienced crew should be hired to install cables properly so that no cuts and cracks left behind.

One must wear safety glasses and protective clothing before installing cables and connecting them to the power source. The flow of current in a cable should be tested with a voltage tester before connecting it to an electric appliance.

pliervoltage tester, wire cutter, and cable strippers should have in your bag before taking a job of connecting or installing cables.

Always check on the work done by the electrician you have hired. Loose wires or wrong connections may result in damage and serious electrical accidents.


You must know about the metal used in the wires you are going to purchase. Multi-stranded copper wires are highly preferred due to their durability and low-resistance.


Which material is used should be the concern while purchasing electric wires and cables. Will the wire catch fire with risen temperature, will the wire be exposed to moisture or chemicals should be the factors you should consider before buying electric cables?


A cable should be immediately rejected if it is getting cracks while bending. The insulation material should be highly flexible.


You must check on the quality of material used in covering a cable while choosing electric cables. The covering of a cable should be composed of good material for better durability.


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