What is the best cheap hair dryer from 2019?

What is the best cheap hair dryer from 2019?


To make your hairdryer a good companion, it will start by choosing a professional hairdryer. Despite its very specific name, the professional hairdryer has become popular recently and is accessible easily and especially in terms of hair dryer price in Bangladesh to all households.

Philips BHD002-00

Therefore, to have a minimum of performance, it is advisable to move towards a professional device. As such, opt for devices using ion technology and those with a ceramic plate for better shine because they better respect the hair fiber. The power is not negligible when choosing a hairdryer, with low power. The unit will not heat enough and the duration of the blow-dry may make you tired. On the other hand, if it is too powerful, the air will be too hot will damage the hair.


The balance is around 1600W minimum. There are also hairdryers with adjustable temperatures and speeds. So that the brushing is done gently and in comfort, make sure to have a hairdryer with a handle easy to take in hand without forgetting to choose a light device.


It's a beauty session and not torture or physical training. For more comfort, put on silent hair dryers. Finally, it will be necessary to know to choose the type of tip that you need. You can choose between two types of tips: the concentrator and the diffuser. The concentrator is used for a professional result without frizz, while the second is used for fine or curly hair and to give volume. Philips is a well-known brand of skincare products, with the BHD002 / 00 it offers silent technology at your fingertips.

Philips BHD002 / 00

Main advantage

Its main advantage lies in its ergonomics. The device is easy to handle either at the handle or the use of the buttons.

Main drawback

The cold speed of the device offers a fairly low power, so if the cold is appreciable, it will take a little time to dry all of your hair.

Main Explained Characteristics

An ion technology device

According to our comparison, the Philips BHD002 / 00 is a semi-professional hair dryer that is equipped with ion technology. Thanks to this specific characteristic, the hair fiber of your hair is well preserved from the heat of blow-drying. The hair avoids the static state and is more flexible to handle and style. In addition, the ThermoProtect function is added to this ionic function to provide an adequate drying temperature without falling into the problem of overheating.

This hair dryer fights against hair dryness even with relatively intensive use. Of course, do not forget to use the hair care that your hair likes to protect your hair.

Philips BHD002-00

Adequate power and three speeds

This hair dryer has a power of 1600W. Thanks to this average power, soft brushing is quite possible. Depending on the nature or length of your hair, you can adjust the hairdryer at three speeds. The first is suitable for the cold key or when you blow a blow on children.

The second and third speeds are the average and warm speeds that you will adjust according to the result you want to achieve. In any case, this power of 1600 W is quite adequate for all types of hair and allows for brushings without danger of burns for hair.

Ease of use

This Philips hairdryer is resolutely ergonomic, compact and lightweight. The device is easy to handle without slipping or straining the arms during drying movements. To facilitate its storage, a suspension ring is attached to its base, it will suffice to find support to hang it is the storage is done. Moreover, to respect comfort during use, the device has been designed to be quiet regardless of the speed of your choice. It is now possible to be beautiful without the whole house must undergo a high volume that is usually attributed to the classic hair dryer models.


Because of these different characteristics, the Philips BHD002 / 00 will be recommended for young mothers. In terms of accessories, the tip of this Philips device is a concentrator type. Thanks to this concentrator, the airflow generated by the hairdryer are thinner and gives a more accurate result. Whether you want to fix or retouch a hairstyle, this tip will be your best ally.


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