Green vitamin juice into the juice extractor

Green vitamin juice into the juice extractor


Today I suggest you a very flavorful, nutritious and juice. With the help of an extractor, you'll be able to compress the egg and obtain a superb juice. I included a lot of celery sections because, throughout urgent care, we all receive reduce sips. I highly recommend it -)


  • 3 apples
  • 2 pears
  • 2 apples
  • 7 stalks of celery


A huge handful of spinach leaves


Wash the apples and pears and peel them, cut them into pieces and throw them using all the seed nests within a bowl. Similarly, oranges peeled and cleaned. Cut the chopped sausage pops into bits and put them in a bowl. Wash the lettuce leaves.

Inside this way, the ingredients that are prepared can be passed through a juicer. Spinach is best added in batches between celery and fruits.

I always pour the juice by means of a sieve, so that I get rid of this memory and little bits - I really enjoy clean, clear juices.

If this juice recipe gives you, do not be reluctant to share with me your suggestions in the responses. I go back, I have other juices to examine...

What I consider Carbel's quality juice extractor

To prepare properly, it is imperative to own the most suitable devices. Appliance makers are competing to provide services and products of raising quality. Relating to juice extractors, Carbel has almost nothing to envy to others. The types of this brand, particularly, that the Carbel CGX-002 Inox, standout to their caliber. I show what I think of any of it juicer.

The Features of the CGX-002
Charbel juice extractor includes

This juice extractor has an engine with an electric of 250W. It's actually a single-phase induction. The rate of rotation of the pressing screw is low compared to competing models. Indeed, it is 33 rpm. It isn't a lack of strength that is the cause. This rate ensures that pressed ingredients retain all their properties. The extraction tank is 500 ml, 200ml more than the prior model. About the design, it's a somewhat tasteful apparatus. It's streamlined, using rather curved outlines. Plastic was chosen as the main material.

This is guaranteed without bisphenol-a. The engine block is shielded by stainless steel. To keep cleanliness, the juice outlet spout is designed with a sliding trickle stopper. This Carbel extractor includes the subsequent measurements: 19 x 28 x 43 cm for a total burden of 5.6 pounds. It comes with 3 different sieves to have simple juice unctuous or minus holes to get sorbets. A recipe novel additionally communicates the entire and also a pusher, a graduated pitchers container for threading plus a brush for cleaning.

My opinion on the juice extractor Carbel

Cable juicer my opinion

This system seems quite versatile. I can use it to get ready not simply various fresh fruit drinks however also cocktails and smoothies. The principle of extraction that is slow keeps all of the decent portions and the taste of all produce. The capacity of this tank, although raised in relation to CGX-001, stays small.

Moreover, don't operate the machine for at least 20 minutes to get a lengthier life. If I want to produce a couple liters of juices must honor several fractures. Providentially, the usage is simple. Only slice on the veggies and/or veggies in bigger or smaller bits. And even if they are small enough, then they can be put the whole while in the system. The sole disadvantage of the machine would be the blender price in Bangladesh a modest high but also the brand is most known in the whole world of juicing!



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