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Technology has played significant role in the world to grow it and to make things easier and comfortable for us humans. Periodical enhancement and enrichment in the use of technology has brought the assumptions in the real world possible. In the past few decades it has emerged as a face of change and inventions. In this article we are going to experience 10 most upgraded technologies in the google list. Most importantly, it has changed the working circle of the world. Today, we can meet the person sitting far away in the different continent by just flying for few hours in the airplane. And same day we can return back to our home place.

 Similarly, with the use of portable mobile phones and tele-communication devices we can get in touch with anybody, anytime, anywhere. Which makes it more convenient for all of us to be in touch even if we don’t find time to meet in person.  The productive use of technology is defined when it saves time, money, human efforts, brains, skills and at the same time it is progressively productive. There are numbers of inventions happening every now and then, but we have listed some top most technologies we are going to experience in the passing years in future.

Technologies of Future

  1. Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Drones: The next generation large size drones are the future of the world. These huge flying drones will be used to carry the heavy objects and to deliver it to the door steps of the ultimate customers. These drones will be smart in nature and will be more equipped with the latest supportive aids. It will be helpful for the businesses to grow and work on the customer satisfaction.




  1. Advanced Robots with Human Brains: In many of the hollywood movies we have seen and experienced the robots with human figure metal body. Some of them were hybrid and multi functioned. But in the coming years even this picture will be changed forever. These advanced robots will be functioned with human brains and they will have the ability to self-learn the emotions and behaviours.




  1. 5G Network: Very soon we all will experience the 5G network services. And for the first time it will be the fastest internet we will be using. It will work on the latest bandwidth compatibility. Though, in some specific countries it is already in use but at a very small level. But in few years, we will have this technology in our smart phones. 


  1. Communication Devices Inbuilt in the Light Weight Accessories: In couple of years we will not use smart phones to get in touch with our loved ones and friends but there will be pre-installed micro gadget in your wrist band or wrist watches. These devices will also be installed in the hair bands. And with the help of biometric sensors you will be able use these advanced tools. You will be able to make call, receive texts, messages, multimedia messages, voice clips, e-mail updates and social media messages etc.


  1. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is a technology of new era and it will change the history of the world forever. Although, minor part of it has already been implemented in the present but in the forthcoming decades we will experience the whole new world technology. It will reduce the time consumption and it will enhance the quality output. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used for domestic and professional practices.



  1. End-User Designing Applications: Today we are dependent on the designing professionals and to hire them it takes lot of money and it is also a time-consuming process as there are numbers of designers available in the market. But in the coming years there will be huge change in the designing technology. Very soon we will be having end-user applications that too as a free-interfaces. It will be easiest way to customize the designing.


  1. Extremely Powerful & Smart Personal Computers: In the coming 2-3 decades we will have the smartest and intelligent computer systems. These machines will be configured with highly upgraded specifications. And these machines will be capable of performing multiple heavy tasks. And on the other hand, these personal computers will be portable and compatible.


  1. Automated Home Electronic Devices: In the next few years our houses will be installed with the automated home electronic devices with the bio-metric sensors. These electronics appliances will be smart enough to react on your commands. We will be able control them with the voice over commands or through bio sensors. These devices will be highly productive, with long life and cost effective.


  1. Virtual & Physical Exercises: The method of exercise is going to change forever, as there will new module replaced with the physical outdoor exercises. Virtual machines these days are used as an entertainment tool but sooner it will be replaced with the combination of the virtual and physical practices. It will service as an entertainment tool and it will also help reducing the weight and tone the body shape. It will be the most effective way of reducing the weight instantly.


  1. Advanced Use of Nano-mite Technology: Nano-mites are the micro particles and very small molecules available in our environment. And with the use of these nano-mites we can do wonders and we can blend them with different elements to innovative new things. This technology will help us to better treat the patients in the medical conditions. And we can even expect automated machines and advanced tools.  


All the above discussed technologies are far ahead of the time and in the next couple of years we are going to experience a revolution in the technological environment. It will increase the potential of our assumptions and the kind of intelligence possible to be used. These already added 10 most upgraded technologies in the Google list will change the overall behaviour of the world. Thought, we are not bind to these technologies and we can even expect some great inventions in future. 



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