How to Quickly Defog Your Car Windshield and Windows

How to Quickly Defog Your Car Windshield and Windows

How to Quickly Defog Your Car Windshield and Windows

Fog appears on your car windows and windshield when two different temperatures collide with each other.  It can occur in two instances: summer and winter. In summer, the weather is warm outside and your car interior is cold. The situation is just the reverse in winter.   In both seasons, defogging of the auto glass becomes essential to avoid getting into any accidents. But the question is – how? Read on this blog post by a well-known auto windshield glass manufacturer to find out how you can quickly defog your auto glass and prevent it from settling in again.

How to Defog in Different Seasons

The ways to deal with defogging depends on the season it occurs. Here’s how to defog your windshield and car windows through different weather conditions:


  1. The first thing to do when you want to defog your car windshield is changing the air source. Most cars have buttons to recirculate the air inside or to pull air from outside. If your car has this system, utilize it by changing the setting so the air is pulled into the vehicle. However, if your vehicle is not equipped with this setting, you can follow the next step.

           How to Know If My Car Has a Recirculate Button?

           To know if such a feature is available in your car, look for a button with a little car icon with an arrow 
pointing inside the car. The icon will light up when pressed. That’s the one you are looking for.

  1. Since fog is caused by differing air temperatures, matching the temperatures of air (both inside and outside) can help in reducing fog on your car windows. To do this, turn your car fans to the highest setting and lower the temperature in your vehicle. This is the fastest method to defog your car windows.
  2. Your car has a defrost vent. Turn the vent on. This will not only direct air to the windshield but will also help the windshield match the air temperature outside and get rid of the fog.


The process of defogging your car windows and windshield in summer is very similar to the one in winter. The only difference it that you have to do the opposite.

  1. First, turn down the AC when it is too hot outside. This will allow your car to warm up inside and match the temperature outside. The collision of two similar degrees of temperature will prevent formation of fog.
  1. If you do not want to lower the temperature of your air conditioning because it might make you feel uncomfortable, roll your windows down.
  2. A very simple way to remove fog from the windshields is by turning on your windshield wipers. Keep the wipers on at the lowest setting and let them run until the fog is completely gone.

    How Will You Prevent Your Windshield from Fogging?

Now that you know how to defog your windshield, it is time to learn about different ways to prevent it from fogging further. The ingredients you will need for this are silica cat litter and shaving foam.

  • Fill a sock with silica cat litter and tie the end of the sock with a piece of string. Place a few socks near the front of your dashboard and leave it overnight. Silica cat litter will help in absorbing the moisture present inside your car and prevent any kind of fog buildup.
  • Spray a small amount of shaving foam on a soft cotton cloth and spread it on the windshield evenly. Using a clean and dry cloth, wipe it all off after some time. This will leave a moisture barrier on the window which will prevent the fog buildup.

If none of these are an option for you, the best way to prevent fog buildup is by rolling down the windows often. If you garage is safe, you can roll down your windows for some time so the outside and inside air matches the same temperature. But don’t make the mistake of spraying cleaning product directly on your windshield to avoid damaging your auto glass. This is a common mistake made by car owners who want to get rid of fog but end up with a damaged windshield instead.

Fog can cause a huge problem when you are driving the car. That’s why it is always advised to defog your car. The methods mentioned in this blog post will allow you to defog your car windows and windshield almost instantly and help you to prevent it from happening again. You can also go for technologically advanced heated windshields available at custom windshield manufacturers to save you all the trouble.




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