Get the Most Efficient Industrial Grade Rental Chillers with Vardayani Power!

Get the Most Efficient Industrial Grade Rental Chillers with Vardayani Power!

Get the Most Efficient Industrial Grade Rental Chillers with Vardayani Power!

Many establishments, industries and businesses need rental cooling equipment for their various requirements. It could be an event or a regular or emergency requirement. Rental cooling equipment takes care of all these. There are many occasions where a business would prefer renting rather than buying a chiller or a cooler. If there are factory equipment that needs chillers or if there is an event that is planned outdoors, you can go for rentals. In case of events too, whether it's a birthday, marriage or a professional gathering, the organizers want a cool setting. In case of an outdoor gathering especially in a warm and humid place, it is convenient to make the setting comfortable for guests using chillers and cooling equipment.

Industries also rent portable chillers that provide with different types of HVAC needs. This is used to keep the employees, products and machinery, at the right temperature. Vardayani Power offers portable chiller rentals that are delivered quickly and they also help with the setup to resolve all types of cooling solutions quickly. The chiller rentals from Vardayani Power are of high quality and versatile. They provide emergency cooling even in case of a power outage or for regular maintenance. They have a wide variety of capacities and sizes and capacities. They help businesses with the right chiller for any application.

These chillers are easily available for usage inside and outside. They also provide air conditioning as per the need of the business. It is important to keep any business operating by keeping their products and people comfortable. The chiller rentals from Vardayani Power ensure all these needs can be met efficiently.

Chiller Rentals

The major requirement of chillers in businesses is to keep the employees, products and machinery at the right temperature. Following are the types of Chiller Rental Services available for businesses:

  • Air-Cooled Chiller Rentals – These are excellent equipment for industrial air conditioning requirements. Air-cooled chillers offer high cooling capacity, high portability, and reliability in any hot climate.
  • Air-Handler Rentals - These are essential to circulate the hot or cold air in any location. There is a wide range of air handlers that can meet any HVAC requirements and are great for maintaining ventilation in a small or large space.
  • Chiller Accessories – Chiller rentals and its accessories help in providing air conditioning anywhere and anytime. Whether it is a big business or a small business, efficient chiller solutions are a must.
  • Cooling Tower Rentals - These towers remove the heat that is generated by chillers. The rentals are available in open/closed loop, stainless steel basin or skid/trailer mounting and more.
  • Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals – These chiller rentals are efficient and help with temporary cooling. There is a wide variety of water-cooled chillers capable of 1,000 tons of cooling capacity.

Vardayani Power offers chiller and accessories for a complete heating and cooling for industrial, commercial and many other applications. They provide HVAC solutions for every need. They offer chiller rentals, both air-cooled and water-cooled.

Vardayani power provides industrial cooling solutions for many types of industries like hospitals, retail, school bushings, office buildings, manufacturing units, commercial centres etc. The applications can be simple or complex. It could be a small replacement or a complex solution for specific industries. But Vardayani Power is always available to aid you with the best in chiller rental.

HVAC Solutions For all Requirements

Buying or renting innovative HVAC equipment helps in increasing the operational efficiency of a business. If the equipment is well maintained than half the problem is solved. The air and water-cooled chillers and commercial air conditioners from Vardayani Power are well maintained and thus increase business efficiency. They are primary equipment that can be augmented with other equipment like air handling units and cooling towers.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Vardayani Power for your rental needs:

  • We are capable of addressing simple applications like one-for-one chiller rental replacement or special engineered applications. These are tailored as per specific requirements of customers and provide with many alternatives for any type of cooling objectives.
  • We can meet different customer needs like equipment breakdown situations or other chiller rental HVAC solutions
  • We provide routine maintenance chiller rental solutions that great results. It can be done in a time frame the routine overhauls can be accomplished easily. The maintenance and repairs are also done timely.
  • We also provide chiller replacements and when replacing a piece of equipment or for expansion, we are available. Rental chiller provides critical continuity of cooling while construction may be underway and new equipment is being ordered and installed.

You can trust us for additional cooling during peak seasons. You do not need to invest in new equipment rather just rent am extra capacity for a specific time window. Thus the need to invest is eliminated and maintenance of the equipment becomes a part-time investment.

You can rent a chiller that allows saving capital. You can save investment in any type of cooling needs and put your valuable capital in the business. We develop a customized plan that provides maintenance at a reasonable rental fee. This is a popular choice which fulfils the cooling needs and it varies greatly depending on the type of business.

The decision to Rent or Buy

Many businesses use facility managers who help them decide whether to rent or buy equipment. The owners of the rental equipment can also look at the health of your business and suggest whether it is wiser to rent or buy. The business should look at the available funds when deciding to rent or buy. Many businesses prefer renting over buying as cost of ownership for a piece of permanent equipment is higher. If the business owns a piece of equipment that makes them suffer depreciation then they might rent. Another consideration is the maintenance costs for a piece of equipment. Advantage of rental equipment is they can be sourced quickly and they start running in no time.

Get the best Chiller rental services with Vardayani Power

Vardayani Power offers the best Chiller units on rent. They include a wide range of Chillers to meet any requirements of customers. They maintain the required standards for providing an efficient service. Their equipment is energy-efficient and diverse with many applications in various fields for commercial and industrial requirements.

Vardayani Power was founded in 1994 with power rental and cooling solutions. They have ISO 9001 process quality assurance and provide the best in class and quality products of air conditioners, diesel power generators, exchangers, chillers, air handlers and other products from technologically advanced partners all over India. They have an individualistic approach and give due importance to their customers. They offer clean and efficient Chiller units. For more details, you can visit

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