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How to acquire an FFMC License in India

An Authorized Money Changer is an entity who is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India as per Section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1...

How to Start a Private Security Agency in Bangalore?

A private security is an establishment or an entity that is incorporated to provide armed and unarmed security services and security guards.

What are Section 8 compliances and their benefits?

A Section 8 Company is a non-government organization established with the aim to benefit the society. This company is one of the major types of Non...

What is the Process for Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi?

Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi: A Company is a corporation which is privately held for small business.

What are the features of Private Limited Company Registration?

Shares of Private Limited Company cannot be dealt with publically. The personal asset of the shareholders and directors are separate from the Compa...

What are the Annual Compliances of NBFC Registration?

NBFC is registered as per the Companies Act, 2013, and are involved in the business of loans and advances, attainment of shares/stock/bonds, debent...