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Mastering the Art of Questioning in 5 Minutes

Asking the right questions yields the right information. This is critical to effective communication on call, whether with your team or with clients.

Spontaneous Speaking on Call

The present reality of business is one that is constantly fluid for a long period of time. Immediate responses are demanded for situations in order...

Knowing the 7 C’s of Communication

To communicate in the most effective and engaging manner possible, is critical to augmenting productivity at work, not just for yourself but for yo...

The Art of Scheduling Productively

Scheduling is an art. Personally or professionally, it can be hard to do, but worth it. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough to do it effectively.

Pros and Cons of Remote Teams

The advent of virtual teams and tools supporting them have been catalyzed by covid19. Do virtual teams work for your company? Here are the pros and...

The 80-20 Rule to Improve Communication – MultiCall

A highly communicative team is a successful one. It’s one thing to have good tools for communication. It’s another to apply certain rules to he...

A 3-Part Approach To Healthy Debates In A Workplace

Here is a look at the 3-part approach to healthy debates in workplace that contribute to the growth of an organization.

Benefits of Team Connectivity

The major benefits of good team connectivity are that of improved productivity and quick action during crises.

Disengaged Employees And How To Coach Them

Here are the factors that lead to disengaged employees and how to coach them, that will help boos the productivity.

Ways To Break The Ice With Your Remote Team

Here are some effective ways to break the ice with your remote team and keep the morale high.