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Why it is Time to Upgrade your Parking Facility?

In this post, we look at the current state of parking management and why you need to upgrade your facility to capture future demand.

Airport Parking needs Loyalty Programs

We look at how loyalty programs, when tied with parking facilities at airports can generate a lot of revenue and valuable marketing insights.

Airbnb Clones in China are Winning Against Airbnb

Airbnb created a massive impact in 2008. We look at how in China have taken the Airbnb template & innovated to win in the local Chinese market.

Want to Clone Airbnb? Learn from Negative Airbnb Reviews

We look at bad experiences people have had at properties listed on Airbnb. And we collect learning for anyone wanting to start an Airbnb like platf...

Sharing Economy is Changing the Short Term Rental Industry

Short term rentals are changing the sharing economy. In this Rentcubo's post find out how Sharing Economy is Changing the Short Term Rental Industry.

Self Driven Cars are About to Change the Parking Industry

We look at the impact of self-driven cars on parking spaces across the world. Rentcubo in this post looks at how close we are to a self-driving world.

How Much does it Cost to Build an Airbnb Clone?

In this post, we look at Airbnb, how it makes money, and how much it costs to build an Airbnb clone script. Or, is there a better way.

Why Cities Need Smart Parking?

We look at how major cities could manage parking issues with smart parking solutions and what regulations can help cities plan future-proof infrast...

6 Ways to Improve Storage Facility Environmental Impact

In this post, we look at 6 easy ways to turn your storage facility green and reduce its carbon impact on the local environment.

How to Choose a Vacation Rental script?

In this post, we look at what a vacation rental script is and what features are absolutely necessary to choose the best vacation rental script. Rea...