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Effects of PRP Technology for Hair Loss

Do you want to give PRP therapy a try to treat your hair loss problem? Being one of the latest hair restoration techniques, you need to know how it...

Hair Replacement- Types, Procedure, and Its Benefits

I hope you'll learn more about the type of hair transplant and many more. Perfect Beverly hills hair restoration meets all requirements.

A complete guide on eyebrow transplant and its procedure?

Here is what you need to know about a complete guide for the eyebrows transplant.

PRP Hair Restoration - The Most Effective Treatment to Tackle Hair loss

Talk with one of the experts at our clinic and decide whether a PRP for hair loss procedure can help. Read this article to know more about PRP hair...

Real-life Results From an FUE Hair Transplant

Interested in getting a hair transplant but you are not sure if it's going to give you desired results? This post will show you real-life results i...

FUE hair transplant: cost, effects, and benefits

Having to deal with the loss of hair can drain you out, especially if you are not certain of a particular method of restoring it to work best for you.

Things You Should Know Before Smart Grafting

Smart grafting is one of the most advanced technologies used in FUE hair transplant procedures. Read this article for more insights about smart gra...

John Kahen: What You Need to know About Him

Here is the overview of Dr. John Kahen who is a renowned hair transplantation expert in Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in LA. Read the full ...

Eyebrow Transplant: Procedure, Cost, and Side Effects

There are many reasons why you need your eyebrows done. Some people are looking to change their color. Once you are done with surgery, keep new eye...

Smart FUE Hair Transplant and its Multiple Benefits

FUE transplant gives patients a safe and secure, minimally invasive hair restoration method. It provides people with baldness or thinning hair natu...