Best Resort in Coorg Coorg Evergreen County in neither a Resort or a Homestay. It is one of the most unique award winning conceptual stay in Coorg. The stay will be inside the Coffee and Pepper plantations near Nangala Hills. Coorg Evergreen County operates with a blend of different themes like Nature, Adventure, Classical, Traditional, Man in the wild etc. If you looking out for a Resort with Activities in Coorg, then check out the different types of activities we conduct for you. Even though we call ourself a no luxury concept, we have been awarded as the best resort in Coorg for couple stay. Be it, Group Stay in Coorg, Couple Stay in Coorg, Pet Friendly Stays in Coorg, Homestay in Coorg, Resort Packages in Coorg… We have marked our presence in every category but as a conceptual stay which is very unique. Looking for a Luxury Stay in Coorg then we wont be the Right Place For You…. If you wish you experience the nature then We are Game and Lets Make It Different!!! Visit us only: 1. If you have experienced all the above, and you are willing to rejuvenate and get those childhood memories back along with your friends and family. 2. Or everything sounds weird, then try to experience the rustic experience by yourself… It will fun only if you come prepared to feel the magic of nature and our concept. phone: 7760090007 Address:Nangala Village, Bittangala, Post, Virajpet, Karnataka 571218