94% of first impressions these days are design-related. Even the most useful website or product is rendered powerless if integrated into a poor or obsolete design. Every year, new lists of UX design trends emerge because of oversaturation. So, for designers, it is very important to keep themselves updated to provide the most relevant design solution to their clients. So, we have listed top UX design trends that will help you boost the sales conversions on your website in 2022. Make the most of UX design best practices to develop strong, capable, and profitable solutions. List of Best 9 UX Designing Trends for 2022 - 1. Dark Mode 2. Gradients 3. Retro and Vintage Style 4. Blur background & Glassmorphism 5. Behavioral design 6. 3D Animation 7. Hamburger menu 8. Breadcrumb Navigation 9. CTA Button Design You are now familiar with various web design trends, check out these 9 UX design trends for websites in detail- https://bit.ly/3GKrOkq, which will help you boost more traffic and enhance the conversion on your website.