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10 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Bathroom Tiles

You can come up with a lot of incredible tiling ideas by trying different combinations of pocket-friendly bathroom floor tiles.

We all want to live in a house that we have built from scratch and the one that reflects who we are as people as well. For example, our bathroom is a place that represents privacy. It is an intimate space that needs to be planned and created with utmost brilliance and precision. However, not always do we have the budget to go far and beyond and make our ‘commercial fantasies’ come true.

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What to keep in mind when choosing tiles for your bathroom


You cannot just pick out a colour or a design and install it. It needs to mean something. It needs to be the right fit. Here are a couple of factors that you need to consider when choosing bathroom tiles at low price:


  • Space – Recognize the space in the washroom – how big it is and how big it actually looks. Depending on that, you can pick out tiles that go with it.
  • Feel – The rest of the house must feel connected with the bathroom. It should not stand out or be an eye-sore.
  • Neutrality or contrast – Pick out a pattern or a colour that you will not be tired of because you will have to see it every day.


Pocket-Friendly Tiles You Can Go For – Top 10


These are great alternatives to expensive tile options but in no way are they less attractive or less valuable. We have picked out 10 different types of pocket-friendly bathroom tile options you can go for and they are as follows:


  1. Porcelain Tiles – Sturdy and water-resistant, porcelain tiles are the most budget-friendly yet most effective tile choice you can go for when it comes to bathrooms. It can be used to create beautiful shades and textures.
  2. Ceramic Tiles – They are nearly the same as porcelain tiles but they aren’t as finely ground as is the case for porcelain tiles. They are cost-effective and really easy to maintain as well.
  3. Limestone Tiles – If you want warmth, then limestone is the one to go for. Also, they can be quite durable and offer a great variety of neutral shades that blend well with the contemporary look and finish.
  4. Mosaic Tiles – If you opt for mosaic tiles, you open yourself to a world of countless possibilities in terms of colour, textures and patterns that can be created by combining a number of tiling materials.
  5. Glass Tiles – The best thing about opting for glass tiles is that it reflects light and makes your bathroom look brighter and bigger than it is which is a great thing. Also, you can determine the thickness, the hue and all the other factors according to your needs.
  6. Vinyl Tiles – Bathrooms are places that generally have a lot of footfall and hence are subjected to considerable amount of wear and tear. They are really practical and today, there are multiple designs and colours that are available as well.
  7. Pebble Tiles – Nothing beats the natural look and feel and these tiles surely bring that to your washroom. It is a trend that has emerged in the recent years and the practicality of it along with the simplistic statement has coerced people to jump on the bandwagon.
  8. Terracotta Tiles – Terracotta tiles are offering exotic look and if you are going for that Mediterranean vibe then there is not a lot of tiling options that can beat this one.
  9. Slate Tiles – Bathroom tiles tend to chip and the scratches make it look unclean. That is not the case with slate tiles. They are robust and their finish doesn’t fade away easily.
  10. Marble Tiles – A common notion that prevails is that marble equals grandeur which in turn means expensive tiling. However, there are a lot of inexpensive marble tiles that are equally glamorous and are far more economical.


Inexpensive bathroom tiling only requires you to know what you want and to visit the right website (like NEOM). You can come up with a lot of incredible tiling ideas by trying different combinations of pocket-friendly bathroom floor tiles.

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