Legal Compliance
Information Technology Rules 2022 (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code).
1) “Robotic Sysinfo” is an IT company registered under the Company’s Act, India. The company is located in the Haryana State of India. Robotic Sysinfo has a Social Blogging Portal in the name of “”. This portal is executed under the mission of providing the latest information on every social issue, and social science subjects matter to the target audiences. It will work as an intermediary between the talent seekers and the skilled IT professionals in the world.
2) Role As An Intermediary
“Robotic Sysinfo” is an intermediary between individuals and companies seeking talent, and technically skilled opportunity seekers. is the universal blogging website that caters to all the latest updates, happenings, incidents, and accidents in the world. The company has implemented all the guided rules and regulations under the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code, as per the latest Information Technology Rules 2022.
3) Reasonable Actions
I. The Terms of Services (ToS), Privacy Policy, and User Guidelines (Composite “ Policies”) are well written and made available on the official website as per the government set rules. The latest updates will be circulated among users, and for new visitors whenever or wherever will be necessary and required.
II. RewardBloggers.Com strongly prohibits users, writers, bloggers, guest-bloggers, and third parties from publishing, advertising, or sharing the content that is;
i. Harmful or inappropriate for children below the age of 18.
ii. Misrepresented, falsely developed, and shared among the target market.
iii. Shared or presented for fraud, to mislead, or to direct wrongly.
iv. Harmful for someone or racist content, used to spread hatred among people.
v. Threatening or harmful for the sovereignty of India, its security & defence.
vi. RewardBloggers.Com will scrutinize all the above-mentioned content to maintain the quality of content and services.

III. Any specifically formed or written request for a piece of information from different government departments or agencies stating the concrete purpose, COMPANY shall provide the required information or any further assistance under its power or authority to the government agencies within 72 hours whenever or wherever needed.
IV. Any registered account, shared information, posted data on the once deleted, disabled, withdrawal, removed, or canceled by the “Robotic Sysinfo”. Such information shall be retained by the company only for 6 months in compliance with the rules and regulations.
4) Ancillary Actions
I. “Robotic Sysinfo” is an IT company based out in the city of Haryana State in India.
II. Grievance handling mechanism of the company;
i. All the grievances must be reported to the authorized grievance handling professional in the company by sending a report email at, The complainant must add the required information for investigation and case persuasion.
ii. The company will acknowledge the complaint within 24 hours. And the grievance complaints will be closed within 15 days of time in either of the cases; a. the grievance is sorted, or b. the grievance remains unsorted. The status information of the grievance will be shared with the complainant.
iii. Any content with adult-rated data or information, phrases or dialogues, images, audios, and videos if reported will be considered under priority action and we will work on it within 24 hours.
iv. Every month a compliance report will be published on our official blogging website “RewardBloggers.Com” according to the mentioned rules & regulations.
III. Every user can self-verify their user account by verifying their registered mobile numbers on our website while creating a user profile or in case of any sort of malfunction.
IV. RewardBloggers.Com has created a unique platform to recognize the Top-Bloggers of the Society. The said titles will be published on our website in a separate section.
V. The company shows indications for the sponsored ads or commercials.
VI. “Robotic Sysinfo” works religiously on the quality control management. And the company keeps all the rules and regulations related to IT industry up-to date for the users, members, and prospective.
All the above-mentioned terms are applied and executed as per the intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code under the Information Technology Rules 2022. The company hereby will provide all the latest updates of compliances every year. So, that every said rule is applied effectively and followed.