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10 Secrets You Need To Know About Men: Dating Coach Tells All!

Lucky for you, you need not look further as the top dating coach for women, Evan Marc Katz, is readily giving you these ten secrets you need to know about men.

Do you feel like you need someone to give you an instruction manual to understand men? Well, you are just one of the many women who want answers (even better, want solutions) for your dating life.

Lucky for you, you need not look further as the top dating coach for women, Evan Marc Katz, is readily giving you these ten secrets you need to know about men.

Men and Women are Somehow Similar

One of the most important things you need to know about men: dating them is just like hanging out with yourself. In other words, men and women are somehow similar, although they figuratively come from different planets.

If you like to spend time with your pals, know that he wants to hang with his friends as well. According to dating relationship expert Dr. Evan Marc Katz, it's essential to keep this in mind.

When women truly understand men, both sexes get to work better on relationship and dating advice.

Confidence is Key

One of the top ten secrets you need to know about men is this: they like women oozing with self-confidence!

That said, you should always avoid getting pissed off that life has thrown you curveballs. This can manifest in your aura.

Confidence is key, so own it!

Don't Try So Hard to Impress Your Date

When you're in a relationship with a man, you must understand that you don't have to try that hard to make a good impression. Your man usually focuses on natural beauty rather than superficial appearance.

Though traditional dating advice says that you must always look pretty, investing too much in this can make your guy turn the other way.

Men Are Afraid of Being Rejected

One of the reasons they can't commit for long is that they're afraid of rejection.

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz often tells the ladies that guys are afraid to get hurt, too. Life didn't give them an upper hand, as most people believe. Though they may look strong, they have a soft side also.

Some things may be hard at first, but your man is sure to open up to you in due time.

If He's Not Replying, It Doesn't Always Mean That He Forgot About You

If you are dating a man, you must understand that his time runs slightly different than yours.

When you deal with men, understand that exciting stuff can take a lot of his time. His late replies do not mean that he's not into you. His man time often seems to go faster, especially if he has hobbies like jet skiing, surfing, hanging out with friends, and all other fun stuff.

Men Get Spooked and Run Away from Immature Women

One of the most important pieces of dating advice for women is this: stay away from your teenage tendencies.

If you must understand a man, know that he gets easily irritated with replies like LOL or ROFL. He doesn't appreciate being called a dude or bro either, especially if he's in an intimate relationship with you.

More often than not, he views these tendencies as signs of insecurity.

Men Are Not Mind Readers

When you date a man, you might have struggled with this question: “Why do men do this and not that?”

Unless your man is a psychic, you should know that he's not capable of reading your mind.

According to world-renowned dating relationship expert Evan Marc Katz, if you want your man to do something, tell him in a language that men understand.

In his latest book that helps women and men succeed in dating, Evan emphasized communication as the key to good love life.

They Like Compliments, Too

Do you feel happy whenever your partner gives you 5 stars for your new hair or outfit? Then it's time for you to return the favor by giving him compliments, too.

An important thing to know about men, dating and the whole shebang is that males love being showered with positivity, too. It's one of the secrets that help you get whatever you want!

If you tell something good about his outfit, he may end up taking you shopping for a complimentary get-up!

Men Show Their Love Through Small Actions

When you date a man, know that some of them are not touchy-feely. Although he may not say “I love you” often, it doesn't mean that he doesn't.

Evan Marc Katz's foremost dating advice for women is that some convey their love through actions. Him picking you up at work may seem like a little thing, but it's his way of letting you know that he cares for you deeply.

Not Everything You Get from a Renowned Dating Relationship Expert is True

While a bestselling author and dating coach tells all relationship rules you need to know, there are some exceptions to the rule. They are generalizations, so you should be wise enough to filter some of the advice that you receive.

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