Best Tips to Use Facebook's New Question Tool for Your Business Page

New Question Tool

Best Tips to Use Facebook's New Question Tool for Your Business Page


Facebook disclosed the new question tool on March twenty-fourth, that presents an excellent chance for businesses to survey Facebook users and find valuable feedback. This new update went live to quite five hundred million Facebook users and maybe wont to get recommendations from your friends, see opinions of individuals in a very poll, and share your own opinion on queries denote. Want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number.

How to Use Facebook queries

First, you need to be logged into your account. you'll be able to use this to post a matter to your personal profile, to raise things like "Where ought to I'm going to eat?","Who has the most effective deal on ____?", and find instant recommendations from your friends. this can be an excellent tool for seeing your friend's opinions and suggestions. it's conjointly a decent tool for seeing different peoples recommendations and opinions, as this could be useful to your business. 


Make sure that you simply area unit logged in as your Facebook Fan Page, to do this, go on to your fan page and click on "Use (Your fan page name here) as my profile" on the proper hand aspect. this may post the question to your business page and not your personal profile.


Click on the Get queries currently button at the highest right to induce started. kind within the question, you'd prefer to raise, so click to feature your question's responses. The question can currently seem in your News Feed, on your fan page, and within the queries feed for all of your friends. this can be set on the hand aspect and is way just like the news feed feature, except that it displays solely queries that are asked or answered by your friends.


I will flick through all the queries my friends are asking, see the results, and quickly answer any queries that interest Pine Tree State. To test however the new queries tool works, we tend to denote a matter to the Alternate Image facebook page, that you'll be able to see below:


It took all of concerning 5 minutes to post and that we instantly began receiving feedback from our fans, that area unit principally our purchasers and affiliates. swell for a 5-minute investment.

So however are you able to use this tool as a resource for your business? 

Consider it AN impromptu means of conducting research - while not the prices, significantly less time, and the way to achieve dead set everybody in your social bubble. you'll be able to quickly see the opinion of your Facebook fanbase, move along with your fans, and most significantly, learn from them. so as to form Facebook queries work for your business, it is vital that you simply raise the proper queries. queries ought to be simple to grasp, have interaction users enough to wherever they'd wish to reply, and supply valuable feedback that your business will use. 


Here area unit some samples of nice queries you'll be able to use for your business:

  • What is your favorite time of year to go to Florida (or insert your location here)?

  • What does one anticipate to the foremost once staying at a hotel?

  • Which is that the most significant to you once booking a hotel: value, location, or edifice amenities?

  • What is your favorite annual event in Daytona Beach (or insert your edifice location here)?


Hoteliers ought to use Facebook inquiries to gauge the explanations of why guests would book at their edifice. Knowing that options folks area unit trying to find can assist you to verify that things to spotlight in your selling material. for instance, if the overall accord is that individuals hunt for edifice amenities over value, you'll wish to feature your best edifice amenities additional conspicuously in your edifice description and web site.


  • What is the foremost necessary issue you hunt for once selecting your Realtor?

  • Homebuyers: however does one rummage around for homes purchasable in your area? (Search engines, my Realtor's web site, advertisements, driving around, I exploit my Realtor's recommendations)

  • When operating with a factor, what's your most popular technique of contact? (Text, phone call, email)

  • The last time you used a factor, however, would you rate your overall experience?


  • What is your most popular technique of donating to non-profit organizations? (Online payment, check by mail, money donation, payment over the phone, text to donate)

  • Which problems area unit most significant to you? (List action things that your non-profit is concerned in)

  • What motivates you to give to a non-profit? (TV ads, Facebook posts, print ads, unsolicited mail.


  • What is the {most popular} product this season? (List a number of your most popular products)

  • Is free shipping higher than a share of a discount once purchasing?

  • Which things would you purchase as vacation gifts? (List your common seasonal things, this can be a matter for the vacation searching season)

  • Which does one prefer to see additional of, the merchandise description details or photos?

  • When searching online, does one like better to read store things by newest product, class or price?


The goal is to seek out answers to queries which will facilitate your business. hear what folks area unit locution and react consequently. are a few things you did not notice additional necessary to customers than simply price? area unit you dominating some valuable options that ought to be additional outstanding in your advertising? victimization Facebook queries is simple, victimization it to assist your business growth takes time and energy, during which you have got to investigate the info and create strategic choices based mostly upon what you discover. The reading this blog if you want to need some information or related topic to discuss now then Contact Facebook phone number.


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