How to Check Domain Name Availability

How to Check Domain Name Availability

How to Check Domain Name Availability

A domain name is one of the most crucial elements of starting a WordPress site. Having a domain name that matches your business requirement can be overwhelming. Since there are millions of websites around the world, finding a common domain name is a little tricky.

If your luck applies, it can be either taken or not available in the region. So how can one find a domain name? Well, domain names are distributed among a huge database. Then it is divided into different registrars. Once a person buys a domain name from one registrar, in the backend, it will be marked as sold. Now, no other person can buy this domain. So to help you find the best possible results, here are some domain registrars that will help you a lot.

We know, after buy the domain name you need a best wordPress theme for your business website. So look here! is one of the biggest registrars for providing new or existing domains. They offer a wide range of domain name extensions at discount rates. And the best part of is that it is completely beginners level optimized.

Most importantly it offers a powerful tool to quickly access a domain name availability. Simply visit the website and enter your desired keyword or domain name in the search box. If the domain name is available, you can easily buy it from here.


Bluehost provides you both the domain name and hosting at the same time. It is one of the biggest companies in the world that deals in both premium and basic domain names. Visit the Bluehost official website and go to the Domains section. Here, search for your domain name. If it's available, you can buy both domain name and hosting.


Namecheap is also a famous tool for domain and hosting. It is also budget-friendly and suitable for beginner’s level entrepreneurs. The best part of using Namecheap is that it offers both basic and premium domain names. Just go there, search for the domain name and your results will be available in no time.

The registrar service is accurate and provides an instant result. If the domain name is registered through NameCheap, it will also showcase when it was registered. In short, it’s a good platform the affordable, convenient, and suitable for every business website.


GoDaddy is the same as Namecheap and Bluehost. The usage scenario and prices are almost the same. The only difference is that GoDaddy offers random promotions and discounts on both domain and hosting. When bought from such an event, the prices can be as low as $5 for the full month. It is an excellent choice for your alternative extensions on the market. GoDaddy also supports local extension domain names in specified countries.


There are countless other domain registrars from which you can buy your domain name. If you're a beginner, go with the cheapest one. Search on different domain registrar that offers availability. Check if the extra features are suitable for you like DNS, DataServer, SSL certification, and more. We also recommend you to buy the hosting from the same registrar as well. As it is very easy to migrate your data on one platform.

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