Free Vastu Tips for House : Acharya Myuresh Bhargave

Vastu tips for house

Free Vastu Tips for House : Acharya Myuresh Bhargave

Vastu is an ancient science which is invented by our ancient saints and mahatamas for better living. Every corner of the home spread their energy on us and our family. Some Vastu tips for house , Though in modern building designed home proper Vastu is not possible, but there are some Vastu tips for house with the help of these vastu tips, we can live a happy life by living in a Vastu designed house, problems are bound to take place, but with good Vastu expertise advise, we can escape our home from the negative energy.

The North East Corner : Vastu Tips for House
It would be seen from what has been mentioned above that with magnetic energy running north-east and solar energy running east-west,

The North-east corner of the house becomes the most important inlet of energy acc. to Vastu for House.

Capturing Maximum energy : Vastu tips for House
Let us take a paper bag. We want to fill air in it by moving  it against the opposing wind.the shape that will allow maximum air to come into the bag is a narrow and open frontage and a high closed rear. Besides, the front should be lower than the rear. ( A case of Beneficial effect of acute angled north-east corner in a temple)

The scriber of this project was a regular visitor to the "Lord Vinayak temple" in sarojini nagar New Delhi in the mid nineties. Even though the management of this temple is not commercial minded, many people visit this temple and it has been doing very well in rendering service as well as in being financially viable.  

The inside of the temple has an acute angle in the north east corner. Not conversant with the principles of vastu then the scriber thought that this was a fault in construction.

It is now clear that it was a conscious decision according to Vastu and this, in all probability is one of the reasons behind the well-being of the temple.

Some Vastu Tips for House:-

  • To make your House with blisful and happiness , Keep your north east Corner of your house neat and Clean.
  • Keep One Pot of clean water in this North East Corner  acc. to Vastu . 
  • At the creation of House , this corner should be little bit tilt from the other corners acc. to Vastu for House .
  • You can create Pooja Room in the north east corner acc to Vastu.
  • In the North East Corner , Stairs should not be, it is very harmful for household lady and supreme of house. if it is then remove stairs from this corner as soon as possible.
  • you can create a water submersible connection in this north east corner, it will be very beneficial , in actual north east corner is base of water corner acc to vastu.

these are some vastu tips for house of north east Corner . With the help of these vastu tips of north east corner, you can make your house with positiveness and blisful and happiness.

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