13 Stunning Kitchen Splashback Ideas for the Best Outcome

Stunning kitchen splashback ideas are listed here. Select the best one that perfectly fits for your home kitchen.

We all love our kitchens and we want it to be highly-functional, easy to use and attractive. By installing beautiful splashbacks, you can not only protect the walls of your kitchen but also make it a decorative feature. Thirteen stunning kitchen splashback ideas are listed below – you can implement the one that gives out the perfect feel you always dreamt off for your kitchen.

  • Beautiful and Easy to Maintain
  • Customised Mirror-Effect Splashback
  • Chef’s Kitchen
  • Acrylic Splashback
  • Harmonising Pattern Splashback
  • Mirrored Splashback
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo Trend Splashback
  • Match Splashbacks and Worktop
  • Industrial Kitchen Style
  • Textured Tiles Splashback
  • Tweaked Plaster Splashback
  • Mosaic Patterened Splashback

Kitchen Glass Splashback

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1. Choose splashbacks that are beautiful and easy to maintain

If you want kitchen splashback ideas that are distinctive and at the same time attractive, opt for natural stone that exhibits beautiful colours and pattern of lines or veins.

2. Customised mirror-effect splashback can produce a plush look

Generate a plush look with a customised mirror-effect splashback. What if a kitchen looks a tad like a plush chamber? The look is in details such as customised splashback and stunning taps.

3. Pick a splashback for a chef’s kitchen

A splashback that promises to be stain proof regardless of dishes cooked will be the number one choice for the most enthusiastic of home chefs.

4. Acrylic splashback can generate temperamental glass effect

Do you want to update your kitchen look without redoing the whole kitchen? Well, you can accomplish it by just changing your kitchen splashback; however, make sure to choose a high-impact design.

5. Try-out with harmonising pattern

If you think of beautifying your kitchen splashback using a prototype to generate curiosity but doesn’t engulf a space, it’s recommended to choose tiles in gentle shades for a distinctive, yet harmonising finish.

6. Mirrored splashbacks can increase the impact twice over

A mirrored splashback can make a small kitchen look bigger, brighter and offer a fascinating new perspective.

7. Get the feel of marble

Are you looking for kitchen splashback ideas in natural looking materials? Like the hard and striking appearance of real stone but not happy with its cost. Well, choose a splashback that gives the real feel of the stone.

8. Terrazzo trend is back with a bang

Terrazzo style splashback was popular way back in the 1970s; it was considered cheap during the 1990s and it has made a comeback in 2019 with a bang. Well, don’t limit Terrazzo to just flooring, rather it can be used for walls and splashbacks with fantastic outcome.

9. Match splashbacks and worktop

It will look sleek and modern when you use the same material for your kitchen splashback, dining and food preparation areas.

10. Do you like the industrial kitchen style?

Well, the materials you select for a splashback can assist induce a unique feel. To bestow an industrial style kitchen feel, often stainless steel is used.

11. Textured tiles can add a new aspect

To add colour, you can also think of tiles to create a tangible element in the room.

12. Try out tweaked plaster for your splashback

Refined or tweaked plaster is an ornamental plaster coating that can mimic the look of different kinds of stone to striking effect.

13. Focus on detailing

By installing sophisticated mosaic patterned splashback, you can make a working kitchen come alive and more attractive.

Voila! The thirteen stunning kitchen splashback ideas are before you – choose the best splashback style that perfectly gels with your home decor, preferences and budget.

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