What is Profits Passport and basically how it works

What is Profits Passport ,Profits Passport,how it works Profits Passport,

What is Profits Passport and basically how it works

What Is Profits Passport ?
It practically what I like to call “a business in a box”. It’s a proven All Done For You Business that runs in seems to run in Autopilot consistently making it’s members a crazy amount of money. With the Help of the creator, David Dekel and his team, this marketing funnel system is making thousand of real people’s dreams a reality.

This is basically how it works:
Inside the program, there are seven (7) different income streams that you can profit from. You can choose as little as 1 and as many as All of them. David Dekel himself has recommended that you sign up for all of them at the highest level possible, it will maximize your potential income. The company claims that you get to make all of the profit while David does all of the “hard work for you”. But is it really that simple?

Learn more: https://profitspassport-75526.gr8.com/

Who Can Use This Product and is it legal in my country?
Anyone can use this system. You don’t even have to be tech savvy to use the products or navigate the websites. This marketing program is designed to help people make high commissions, on high ticket products passively. The program does give their user Zelle, Cashapp, Bitcoins, etc.

Profits Passport and How You Make Money Online From Home:
Stream #1 : Easy1Up — There are different levels, all of which come with online training tools that teach individuals marketing, traffic, affiliate marketing, social media, SEO, etc. The levels range from $25, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2000 one time payments. If you are at the highest tier ($2000) then you earn 100% commission on everyone who signs up under you. But if you are at the $100 tier than you only make 100% commission on the sales of the $100 tier, and $25 tier.

Stream #2 : Funnel X Advance — This is commission based off of qualified leads you direct to the company, even if they don’t buy anything. The free tier is $1 per qualified lead. However you can buy in higher to maximize your commissions. $200 tier you can earn up too $100 per qualified lead, $597 tier you can earn up to $374 , and the $1997 tier you can earn up to $1074 per lead. Also with the paid tiers you have access to “live Q and A’s” with David, special groups, click tracking system, etc.

Stream #3: ROI Panel — This allows you to be able to track your sales, up-sells, down-sells, subscribers, downloads, etc.

Stream #4: Forsage –is an international community of the global decentralized ecosystem and the first ever Ethereum smart contract marketing matrix. It is based on building partner networks. It’s an MLM binary system that pays people who use your referral link under you and in turn, they make money by doing the same. You’ll get paid 100% instant Crypto currency (ETH) Ethereum.

Stream #5: OPM Wealth — Bitcoin Commissions. It states that you can earn up to $16,500 Per Commission and start with $0 out of pocket. My advise is, DYOR (do your own research), people have different opinions when it comes to Bitcoins, but when researching about Bitcoin, google the following phrase: “current btc market capitalization”. As of the moment of this article being written, there is $199 BILLION Dollars (yes, that’s with a “B”). I’ll tell you this much (this is simply my opinion, take it with a grain of salt) but if you ask me, I want a piece of that, just saying.

Stream #6: Udimi . This is free to join and very resourceful and super effective if you plan on buying traffic via solo ads (Recommended, it will fast track your business). Also, if you refer anyone to Udimi to sign up you receive 15% from all of their orders, plus up to 50% commission from prime members.

Stream #7: Ringless ALN — This is a traffic generating platform that involves ringless voicemails and a SMS platform (SUPER effective). There are four (4) different tiers. At a onetime fee cost of $150, $300, $500, or $2500. The higher the tier, the higher the leads that are provided to you and the higher payout for sales. (payout ranging in $75–$1250 depending on your tier.)

— PROS —

1. You do not have to utilize all seven (7) income streams of this program to make money

2. It is beginner friendly, with a rudimentary system that anyone can follow.

3. Easy1up is the ONLY program I have found that pays their affiliates 100% commissions on sales.

4. Easy1up comes with SO many tools from beginner to advance about all things online to utilize and make money even outside of the program.

— CONS —

If you are someone like myself, who has absolutely no following on social media it is a little harder to get leads. But it’s still possible! Thankfully, good news is that you are given help on what to do, steps to take and ideas for free and paid traffic within the system.

— TIPS —
Personally I was afraid to go all in, with all of these tiers in each stream that can rack up to a lot of cash. After all, isn’t the main objective right now to make money? You will risk money in ANY kind of business that you want to start anyways. The sooner you understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme, investing in a product that can change your life it really is worth it.

I started out only having streams 1, 2, then I activated income stream 5, 6 and 7. With Easy1up I made an effort and started out with the vertex live level, the $2,000 tier because you make 100% of the profits, therefore it maximizes the potential of recovering your initial investment (which I did) and then some.

Would I recommend it?
Yes. Absolutely, after taking my time doing my research and seeing countless testimonials on their facebook group page of people LITERALLY changing their lives, I learned that out all programs out there, this IS so far The Highest and Fastest Converting and Paying Program that I’ve have seen in a long time.

I suggest you see for yourself here: https://profitspassport-75526.gr8.com/


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