15 Indispensable Tips for Scaffolding Safety

These are the 15 essential tips to improve scaffolding safety on a construction site.

Undoubtedly, the construction industry offers a riskier work environment; however, there are numerous steps you can take to make the site a lot safer for your workers. The 15 indispensable tips to enhance scaffolding safety on a construction site are mentioned below:

1. Scaffold must be Strong & Reliable

Scaffold must be proper, firm and adequate to carry its own weight and four times the maximum intended load without settling or displacement. It’s imperative to erect scaffolds on a firm foothold.

2. Standard Scaffolding Inspections

Constant usage and changing weather conditions can inflict damage to your scaffolding putting people at great risk – this is the precise reason why it is so important to perform weekly or daily inspections and ensure the scaffolding is in excellent condition before work commences. This is not only a safety tip but also a legal requisite. The person performing the inspection requires being capable and properly trained, and a written report should be prepared after each inspection.

3. Use Scaffold Plank Grade Material or Equivalent

Scaffold platforms ought to be firmly planked using scaffold plank grade material or equivalent.

4. Scaffold Accessories That Need Immediate Repairs or Replacements

Scaffold accessories like brackets, braces, screw legs, ladders, or trusses that are dented or weakened from any reason must be repaired or replaced right away.

5. Safeguard Scaffolding Platform

Safeguard the platform (base) of the scaffolding by ensuring the screws are fastened and that the building can hold the scaffolding. This will lower the danger of falls from a height that is not only a largely familiar construction site accident but also one of the most dangerous.

6. Never Use Unstable Objects to Support Scaffolds or Planks

Unstable objects like boxes, barrels, concrete blocks and loose bricks shouldn’t be used to support scaffolds or planks.

7. Properly Equip the Scaffold

Make sure to properly equip the scaffold with mid-rails, toe boards and guardrails.

8. A Competent Person’s Supervision is always required

Scaffolds should never be set up, shifted, taken apart or modified except under the supervision of a competent person.

9. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shields workers from nearly every possible danger on a construction site that’s precisely the reason why they are mandatory and a legal requisite. Some of the common PPE you would normally notice on any construction site includes hard hats, goggles, hi-vis jackets, boots and gloves.

10. Display Signage

Communicating dangers to workers are critical for keeping them safe and one of the recommended ways of doing it is by displaying proper warning signage all over the site. It works as an immediate and noticeable reminder of all the hazards that are present such as potential falling objects or wet surfaces.

11. Appropriate Training

One of the most frequent accidents that take place at construction sites is slips, trips and falls that is avertable most of the time. Appropriate training should be given to the workers, which is an excellent way to make them aware of the danger and inform them on how to lower it.

12. Fence the Scaffolding Area

When you mark out the danger zone all over the scaffolding base, you’re enhancing the safety of workers and passer-by, keeping them away from danger.

13. Suspension Scaffolding

The natural and synthetic rope that is used in suspension scaffolding ought to be shielded from heat-generating sources.

14. Risk Involved in Using Diagonal Braces

Workers should be given complete instructions concerning risks involved in using diagonal braces as fall protection.

15. Keeping Safe Distance from Electric Power Lines

Scaffolds should be positioned no less than 10 feet away from electric power lines at all times.

Voila, those are the 15 essential tips to improve scaffolding safety on a construction site.

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